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Do you bother remembering people's names on here, or do you just recognise them from their pictures?

I ask because I changed my profile pic and realised that if anyone else did it — even people I frequently interact with — I'd not recognise them again as I never really take note of names/handles.



I changed my pic recently, too, but it's pretty similar to my old pic. It's just the version that I made myself a while back


I remember the name and the picture.




It depends on the frequency l see them. The ones with no pic, remember their handle. The ones with a pic, l tend to remember the pic more. A few l remember both.


I'd probably remember names better if they were a bit larger. As it is, they're small, and often hard to locate on a post.


I can't remember the names of people I meet every day. No offence meant, Larry.


Well it took a couple of days, but I finally memorized all 36K names and pics...NOT.

I recognize more pics than names, but have some names down too. The vast majority are like a lightening bug; they flash in front of me and disappear.


I realized the same and left my pic...a few people I can keep up with, when they post new pics. But, at 78 I am not that quick now, so it will slow me down in going thru many posts!


I can't even remember names of people I see in person. No chance I'll remember people's names I've never seen

ha ha that's funny and relatable!


I honestly do not make any attempt to remember anyone. I am here to express my opinion and read other's opinions on the various topics that are presented here.

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