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Actual conversation:

Person 1: What can I have with an avocado?
Person 2: Have some Canadian bacon. You like that with it.
Person 1: Nah, it’s frozen.
Person 2: Thaw it out.
Person 1: Nah, I’d have to thaw out the whole package.
Person 2: Have some of my turkey bacon then. It’s in the fridge.
Person 1: Nah, doesn’t sound good.
Person 2: Have it on bread.
Person 1: Nah, I’d have to add lettuce and tomato with it.
Person 2: No, just have avocado toast. Toast up some crusty bread, spread on some butter, and put sliced avocado on top. It’s delicious.
[Person 1 makes a face]
Person 2: I mean, you already put it on a sandwich anyway. It’s really good on toast. You can put some cheese on it, too.
Person 1: Nah, I already had too much cheese today. I feel like something… bacon-ey. Oh, we got any sausage in the freezer?
Person 2: No. Hey, listen, go out and slaughter a pig if you want bacon that much.
Person 1 [after a pause]: Okay, maybe I'll try it [the avocado toast]. What type of bread do I use?
Person 2: Anything crusty. You can even put it on a bagel or an English muffin. You like English muffin.
Person 1: Do I slice the avocado or mash it?
Person 2: Either way. I wind up slice-mashing it because I can't slice it that well. Tastes good either way.

Can’t make this stuff up.

By bleurowz
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Glad I was not there to endure that back and forth...but, thanks for sharing...my tolerance is too low when it comes to indecisiveness (unless it is my own).....

goldenvalleyguy Level 8 June 14, 2018

The important thing is it tasted good in the end.

Hitchens Level 8 June 14, 2018

About half way through that conversation person two should have told person one to just go with a different food item

GwenC Level 6 June 13, 2018

I'd make it less than half way through this insipid mess of a conversation!

AmiSue Level 8 June 13, 2018

Shoulda told them to mash and use as a facial...here let me help. Lol

Purplelotuspod Level 5 June 13, 2018

ha ha ha way too much patience used in that conversation! smile002.gif

patchoullijulie Level 8 June 13, 2018
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