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"Not getting along with Canada is like not getting along with a golden retriever. " Seth Meyers

kmdskit3 8 June 14

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Reminds me of the movie Canadian Bacon with John Candy, Dan Akroyd and others. Quite funny. but a serious social commentary on the US.


My golden loved all adults. Kids he was neutral on, unless they had food. I do agree, how can you NOT get along with Canada. They're like the most polite people in the world.


A cute political joke for a change. I love golden retrievers.

Actually the unpleasant secret is that while Americans in general love Canada, Canadians do not feel the same way about the USA.

@lotusflower Alberta is the Canadian version of Texas, so I doubt that you are a typical Canadian. The Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper is really beautiful--some of the best scenery on the continent.


Most of us up here believe that what i've read on this thread and so many other supportive ones is the reality; many of us also believe that the Trump-Republican strategies are just an aberration. We live in hope, realistically also knowing that there will always be people on both sides of our unborder who thrive on divisiveness and acrimony, since it gives them an opportunity to take advantage of the conflict. They are the vultures we need to resist. It's always so wonderful to read the level of support from Americans. Thank you. We can't let the bastards bring us down, regardless of where they come from.

Well put!


These tariff battles would not have occurred if big business weren't pulling the strings. Every time that the government does something " for the people" be ready to dig out the KY jelly because you're going to be screwed and you won't even get a kiss.


When you have nothing to offer and want attention, start kicking your friends.


So true.They have been great to us Everyone I know buys their meds there at much lower cost.

Marine Level 8 June 14, 2018

Has anyone noticed the Trump only likes people that make him look good. He is so shallow and predictable it's just absurd........

yeah he is probably jealous of Justin

@btroje I'm sure, Justin is a good looking guy. Trump was never really good looking especially with his fish mouth when talking.....


IKR! Stupid trumpfucks!

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