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How do you keep picking yourself back up when it seems that the world, universe, human kind, or other factors are constantly knocking you down?

Akfishlady 8 June 14

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Other people have their issues, that doesn't affect my view of myself. When I accepted the views others had of me, I was miserable.


I accept that it's a part of life. I treat myself and others with kindness. I do the best I can, do what I can do and leave the rest.


I find listing my options to be somewhat helpful. As long as you have a life, there is something you can do with it.

Things that have always been on my list that I've never gotten to yet;

Employment on a cruise ship (as a janitor probably)

Merchant marine.

Wandering landscaper

Traveling ranch hand (janitor that can rope a steer)

Certification as a windmill maintenance mechanic


Millwright (jack of all trades for a factory).

Plumber (janitor with a wrench)

Septic tank maintenance (somebody has to do it)


You get the idea, there's always something you can do to live. Making enough to hold on to stuff .... Yeah, well that's a personal complication we all have.

But throw on top of that something I learned from the experience of watching others. ... If you know enough to BS your way into a job you don't know how to do, by the time the boss figures out that's what you did, you will know how to do the job. It's amazing, I've never done that, but I've seen it happen enough times to know it is true.

Good luck!!


To spite the world, the universe, and (primarily) other people.

Don't get desperate, get angry. Anger - especially of the "how dare they" kind - is a great booster and motivator


After almost 60 years, I expect it, but I fight back these days.

@Akfishlady I know that feeling so well, I have years on and years off, recent years I am just so sick of it, I think I may have even begun fighting back - first. Far less tolerant and accepting than I have been in teh past.


I don't know. I guess something in my life convinced me. Or maybe from making it through so many difficult things while I was young and dumb. Plus the antidepressants have helped.


I learned to be a steamroller. It does not matter what people say or do that is negative. It does not matter that I lost most everything in the great recession back in 2008...I just keep steamrolling along, throwing myself into my work. When I am in a better financial position, lots of other things eventually fall into place. You look young, you have a lot of time to apply yourself to what is most important to you. At this point, you have to be kind of selfish and put your needs above all else. Make sure you enjoy the journey, because that is the prize. One more thing that is really important...exercise regularly. It does wonders for your mind as well as your body.


It's you who sorts you out honestly.


I just keep easin' on down the road.

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