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81% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump. Religious scholar Reza Aslan posits that President Donald Trump has much of his evangelical fan-base believing that he's somehow been anointed by God to become President. Aslan proposes that the trump presidency had become a religious cult. What do you think? Is the trump presidency a Christian religious cult?

danawynkoop 3 June 15

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No, I believe they support him because he is getting them all the conservative judges they want so that they can impose their views upon the rest of us. I believe they know he is a piece of excrement, but their religion and their desire to impose their way of thinking is more important for them.


The Evangelical support for Trump is starting to fade. At their latest convention the Southern Baptists actually voted to start moving away from the Republican Party.


The "moral majority" (which was neither) sided with the Republicans because the Democrats would not let them have tax exemptions for their private (white, racist) schools. Racism has been a driving force behind the Republican-Evangelical alliance since day one. Understanding that explains a lot about why Trump is their man.


Definitely a CULT!

His actions and words are proof enough.


I get the impression that Bush Jnr's presidency was more dangerous. It appears he actually believed the crazy stuff.

Trump is a non-conformist who plays by his own rules. His relationship with Israel is interesting. Let's see if he gets a big non-existent blessing!

Pence would be far more dangerous. He is a Dominionist (if you don't know what that is, research it). His wet dream is to start Armageddon.

@mcgeo52 Yeah, you're most probably right. Despite his religious mindset Pence does appear to have a few more working neurons than Bush ever displayed. What is really worrying is that not only the Christians, but the Muslims too, are itching to bring on Armageddon. Sooner or later a fight seems to be inevitable, let's hope it can be contained and not go global.


I wouldn't be surprised if he is a closeted atheist.

SpikeTalon, whether Trump is an atheist or not makes no difference. It is his base that of white evangelicals, that follow him and support him without question. Since it bends all logic, can we conclude that the Republican Party has been commandeered by an evangelical’s cult?

@danawynkoop The religious influence is pervasive on the right no doubt, so perhaps we need some atheists to pay a visit to the right and gradually push the religious fanatics out. Nothing will change if no actions are taken, and sitting around complaining about it solves nothing.


No, it is more like religious Christians thought Hillary Clinton was anointed by Billzebubba.

Everyone, including the religious, are aware of Trump's failings in private life. But his policies and performance as President have been pleasing to many people who do not approve of much of his past personal conduct.

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