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'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.'
Greek Proverb

Surfpirate 8 June 17

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I try to do things with an eye towards making my world a better place. I've planted several trees in places I've lived before. My last trip to KC I drove by my former home and my tree is now big enough that I think it will block the sun as it was hoped it would. Someone else gets that benefit now, but that's OK. I create things that last for a long time. I made an afghan for my daughter when she was 9, she still uses it. I have it for the moment, it needs to be mended. I hope when I pass the kids will have things to remind them of my existence that last beyond them.

That's really the only immortality that matters, doing greater good for those that follow.


Wow I love this.


Never met a man like that. Hope they do exist!

Really? I know tons of guys like that, you need to start drinking at better bars. πŸ™‚

@Surfpirate the good dads are in bars? Haha!

@goldrose Guys that could be good dad's can be found in a bar, everybody stops in for a drink now and then, ditto for good moms. More likely to find either of them there than at a PTA meeting.

It's impossible to say since I know nothing of your story, but I would guess that the good guys are right there at the edges of your life right now. Minding their own business. Little more than smiling if they catch your gaze.

@Surfpirate I don’t drink. Bars are fun to people watch. I don’t do PTA either.

@goldrose Why did I just know that you don't drink when you first responded? πŸ™‚
Well there are other places to meet decent guys, guys that actually read for the sheer pleasure of it, that like kids and puppies, that volunteer their time to help others and actually have a job. Best of luck and remember that all the good guys aren't already married or gay, they are out there and most of the time they are wondering where the heck you are because they would love to meet someone like you. πŸ‘

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