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How conscious are you of your carbon foot print? What do you do to minimize it? For example i compost all that i can.

EarthLover 4 June 18

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I do not use any paper products besides TP, do not buy can products. Almost everything I buy is fresh and raw, I am a vegetarian, I have very little to throw away.


I try to minimize my footprint and gently nudge others to do the same. Reducing consumption has much more impact than recycling. Most importantly, I avoid single use plastics with reusable shopping bags, water bottles, lunch packaging, etc. I use no hazardous chemicals cleaning or gardening. I rarely eat meat.


omg....i am so scared about the plastic water bottles...I have two zero water in my refrigerator and one on my kitchen counter. i save glass drink bottles, put them through my dishwasher and fill them with the filtered water. i never buy bottled water.


I try very hard. Local veggies canvas shopping bags recycle what I can.


about 12 years ago I made canvas shopping bags. I use them most shopping trips. 8 years ago I made personal wipes. I quit using toilet paper. I rarely use paper towels, napkins, or plastic bags I use glass for food storage. I make my own soap, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm. I garden. I use Hydroflasks and almost never use plastic water bottles. I use metal straws. I make and take my own lunch, carry and reuse my own silverware, and usually cook from scratch and mostly vegetarian. I recycle paper and plastic at home, and take glass recycling to Target. I donate my unused stuff to a variety of resale or reuse places. I compost, and I have a worm box in my pantry. I make my own extracts and cleaning solvents. There are lemon peels soaking in vinegar in my pantry now. I'm not sure how long they've been there. And I'm gradually replacing all the light bulbs with LEDs.


I separate and recycle everything. I think about recycling before I but things


What I do to reduce my carbon footprint:
I compost all food scraps. I recycle all paper that is not soiled. I also recycle plastics and metals. I ride a bicycle to work, the grocery store, the bank, the post office, etc. I do have a car. It gets around 40+ mpg. I try not to drive much. In nearly 5 years I have put only 28k miles on the car. My house is lighted with LEDs. I'm fortunate to live in an area with very mild weather year-round, so I don't have to use air conditioning or heating. If this changes due to global warming then I will get solar panels to power the air conditioning. If I do occasionally need some heat I burn wood in the fireplace.


My carbon foot print has gone up dramatically since my knees have deteriorated so badly. Can't walk for any distance and bike riding is also a no go. Getting right knee replaced 5 July and the left one probably early next year. Should be able to reduce my carbon footprint a lot then and catch up on some dancing!

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