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So how many people have been "ghosted" on here, before you even have more then a few conversations with someone?

Imatheistically 7 June 21

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I couldn’t tell you yes or no, I don’t pay too much attention to anything.



btroje Level 9 June 26, 2018

Lots. It's really easy to get blocked on this site.


I thought I had this kept a well hidden secret of mine ~


I'm the one who does the "ghosting."
I usually have a few conversations with someone, then never return to it, forget all about it.

Sometimes in the middle of a protracted conversation on messenger with some guy, I'll excuse myself to return to some exciting Kindle book I'm in the middle of reading. They usually take the point and don't contact me again.

So far, nobody has been able to compete with a book.


Explain "ghosted"--sudden disappearance?

Actually slowly fading away in interest

@Countrywoman Gotcha.

It can also mean a rapid disappearance.

Like a person just stopped texting and calling after a first date.

That's also Ghosting. Particularly if they tell you it went well and they like you a lot. It leaves the other person baffled.

@RavenCT This is closer to what I thought the term meant. I have not been ghosted on this site, per se, but my lukewarm responses to most of the men who contacted me did not encourage them to contact me again, so they didn't.


What I interpret this to mean as if somebody died, NO MORE CONTACT! POOF.

@Countrywoman, @Gwendolyn2018, @RavenCT EXACTLY.

@LetzGetReal Years ago, when Yahoo still had chats, I became quite friendly with a man in WI. We talked on the phone for week and then, Poof! He disappeared.

When a detective called me after a week of the poofing, I found out that he had died--I was the last person with whom he spoke with online and on the phone.

I look up his obituary online and the first line was, "Husband of Sally Mae," (or whatever her name was). My mourning period was very short.

@Gwendolyn2018 Wow....that would have been surreal if I'd been in your shoes.

@BlueWave I was teaching on campus at that time and told my peers about the situation. I became known as the "woman who dated a dead guy."

I also talked with the detective again and he said the man and his wife had been living apart but in the same house. She told him that he had to move out. I never found out if he had a heart attack or killed himself.

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