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Phones-Been using a flip phone since retired and on disability. My phone died last night. Went to my carrier Verizon today and a horror show commenced. We can't fix your phone, we can't retrieve your phone numbers and pics and it will cost you $30 to get another flip phone. Hold the phone don't want a flip phone so they try to sell me a flip phone and a tablet. I need a stylus as I can't use my right hand. They have no stylus's that come attached to tablet. Tell them I'm going to Staples to get a stylus and I'll be back.No fucking way-if my 2 year contract is up I'm going elsewhere.

Staples has nothing to offer so its Walmart. I buy what Ithink is a good deal-LG Stylo 3 for $99 with an attached stylus that I hopefully won't lose plus a $35month activation card for Unlimited Text and Phone with Data.

I get home hoping my daughter will help me set it up and she yells I bought the worst phone possible-Boost Mobile. Waiting to see if I can keep my phone number. Then we'll find out if the phone works. Technology sucks.

sassygirl3869 9 June 22

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I am fairly good with electronic technology, but I want my phone to be only a phone. Inclusion of a camera would be OK, but that is it. I use a tablet or desk top for email, and do everything else on my desktop. I want my mobile phone to be rather small so I can hitch it to my belt. It seems as if I am in a minority.

Bobby9 Level 8 June 23, 2018

I use Boost Mobile hotspot and I use Skype for my phone service. I paid for Skype in and Skype out which costs $60 a year. I can use it on any device that supports Internet or WiFi I can also use it on multiple devices. I have a laptop computer desktop computer and iPad I can use all three devices on the same phone number. The boost mobile ranges and cost from $25-$55 a month depending on how much data it used.

dc65 Level 7 June 22, 2018

Very annoying but on another tangent, if that is the only worry one has, one is truly blessed, if you pardon the pun. I would be way worried/angry about a yelling daughter.


changing phones is always a pain especially if it's been a while


Drama!! Will Lisa get her phone set up? Stay tuned, same Bat time, same Bat channel!


Got a smart phone at Walmart for $ contract, no minimum, just buy minutes. Has internet, emails, texts, games, Bluetooth (connects to my new car), runs my printer.


AT&T bought out Cricket so they all use the AT&T system, but for cheaper. I was doing about $50 a month through AT&T but now I have an unlimited plan with Cricket for $25 a month. Might want to check them out also...

With data? Smart Phone?

"Cricket Wireless plans range from no data to unlimited data, with plenty of choices in between.

Unlimited talk and text: $25
2 gigabyte: $30
5GB: $40
Unlimited 2: $55
Unlimited: $60"



Net10 has reasonable rates for prepaid in some cases free phone with prepaid you can not go over. My reception was better than my moms when we travel and she has sprint.

azzow2 Level 9 June 22, 2018

We had bad hassles from Verizon too.
We switched to T-Mobile, got 4 new smartphones for about the price of a single package.
I don't trust them to keep all of my numbers so I always back them up on a notepad.

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