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This is a definition I like:-

A kiss is a navel engagement without loss of semen.

By Petter8
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I Like it... reminds me of this cruder play on similar words: why are camels called ships of the desert? because they are full of Arab semen.

Lukian Level 8 June 23, 2018



LOL clever.




I get it - kind of , but not sure I see where reference to "naval" - military, or not, comes in ...

evergreen Level 8 June 22, 2018

Navel sounds like naval. Semen sounds like seamen. smile009.gif

@Petter yeah - I got that ...

Guess ya had to be there.


I do not think I understand that.

Think a bit more.... concentrate.
You're not THAT old.

Think in military sounds.

@Petter I had never heard the quote using kiss, but I have heard of this quote from the book Delay En Route, by Ted McLane:

"When people dance, they have a navel engagement without a loss of semen."

@VictoriaNotes Many old sayings end up with variants. even a hug would qualify, I suppose. I love word play,

@bigpawbullets lol


Forrest Gump would beg to differ. Lol

Or that.

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