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Denzel Washington OR Morgan Freeman?

By 5082gregory7
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Silly comparison. They are both great. And Freeman is older, hence a more depthful body of work.

Jacar Level 8 June 23, 2018

Freeman, however, has not done the sheer volume of great films Denzell has.

@dahermit depends upon taste. Freeman has provided lots of team play by playing supporting characters



Aqhajumper Level 5 June 23, 2018

You just feeling horny ! LOL


Laurence Fishburne.

Good answer !


Why must I choose?


Denzel Washington OR Morgan Freeman what? If you are talking acting, I have followed Denzel's carrier since he was on Saint Elsewhere as a slightly over-weight Intern (Howie Mandel also played an Intern on that show). He has given us many great movies with great stories. One of his best was "The Fallen" where he plays detective Dobbs who has garnered the wrath of a bodyless demon. Another great movie of his was "The Mighty Quinn" wherein he plays a Caribbean Island police chief. My favorite scene is where he gets "shit-faced" drunk and sings in a bar while playing a piano. That guy has made many, many really great and captivating movies all with great story lines. Another one that comes to mind is when he played a returned home SAS Paratrooper in Britain and the prejudice he faced in his neighborhood by the local police because he was Black.

dahermit Level 7 June 23, 2018

I like both. please don't make me choose !

VAL3941 Level 8 June 23, 2018
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