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People questioning the science without suppport for their opposing views is like...

BlasphemousRumor 5 Dec 29

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I do not wish to be unkind but your question does not address a particular science or branch of science so the readers, myself and others, naturally wonder what you mean by it? Do you mean that that the discoveries of science constitute immutable laws of the universe and that scientists should be revered for their knowledge and their claims should never be questioned? If so, I think that we should admire people for their knowledge but keep a close eye on how they wield power over others.


tRUMP talked about the US needing global warming cause we're in a cold snap-ignoramus


Good point.

gearl Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

"are" like?

And which "the science" do you speak of?

Sorry to point out the grammatical errors (I won't mention the spelling...wait, I did) but, if you're trying to make an intelligent point (which I see as quite unlikely), shouldn't you at least try to appear to be?

Hey, if you want to appear to know everything...appear to know everything!

And yes, there is an "edit button" (bottom of the post)....though it may be too late to use it.

@BlasphemousRumor we're fine. I just carry bit of a chip though about the way agnostics take such verbal beatings by atheists here, not so much for myself but for every struggling newcomer. This is among their favorite arguments and typically not a scientist among them.

I'm insecure of nothing really.

And quit copying and pasting posts to pad your level!

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