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Canada is legalizing pot for personal use. The date for this to happen is 10/17/2018.

AntaresRose 8 June 24

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I would never go work use outside of home when my pain was too incredible to do any thing but lay.


The countries where drugs have been legalized have had a big drop usage. Look at Portugal and other countries.


Aww, shit, now the weedie's will have another holiday to celebrate and it'll be every 6 months. 1017 and Ten Seventeen, or some other number meme.

Pa is not recreational. Pa is now medicinal. If you have buds, what's the best quality Budweiser I can make?

@BettyColeman Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care what people use, it's that whenever 420 comes around users act like it's Xmas. Now they have another day to act the fool. I do not imbibe in drugs or alcohol anyway but if you do that's fine with me.

@buzz13 Pain management gave me a script. I am in great pain. I have had a couple tokes when I was a kid but had too much to do being married, raising 2 daughters, going to college and working. That is what kept me young I guess. LMao.

@BettyColeman Yes cannibais does lower your ability to carry out complicated tasks , perform surgery, or fly commercially. A ballon pilot a few miles from my home was giving rides , successfully for most of the day. Sadly though he couldn’t wait to get home and smoke . Consumed pot before taking 6 people up for the last flight of the day.. misjudged height and wind. Hit power lines and killed all 7 of them ... horribly I might add. So pot definitely should be confined to “safe spaces” it’s medicinal and psychological, affects are well documented. Paranoid depressed or psychotic people should avoid non prescribed drugs . For the betterment of all . Canada’s estimated earnings from commercially supplied cannibis is in the millions . Eatables is a neiche market I’d like to investigate. To much smoke and coughing is bad.... says councillor Makay.

@Seriousreason I would not smoke it. I guard my lungs. I smoked as a youngster. Had a heart attack at 44 years. As the Jefferson's says I though it was the big one. Weed is now being recommended by a pain management clinic. I have a script. I am still deciding for myself. I am banged up some from a good hit I took in a car wreck. Not my fault.


Not a user myself but it's great to see another step out of the stone age.

lmao. Me or Canada? Saudi women can now drive. Holy hit.

@BettyColeman Saudi women can now drive? Sending thoughts and prayers.

@BettyColeman , and you look a very healthy and energetic 70, Betty!

@chucklesIII Yeah enough to get me in a little trouble here and there. Mostly it happens when I am trying to be nice or funny. thanks for my looks comment. Makes me feel special.

@chucklesIII I am in Pa of USA. I only try to stay out of 45 trouble.

@chucklesIII halaoooya Suadi woman driving. Baby steps it seems. . And if she dents her husbands car a cane no thicker than his thumb may be used to discipline. Oooops another step back....

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