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Kids, rememer, to stay in school! Also, watch for signs that your Study Buddy might be stoned off his gourd.

Holli 6 June 24

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Speaking from my college experiences it was always a good idea to keep certain recreational substances far away when attempting to study.


Nepeta cataria I have a big jar my 3 cats chase the jar around only my black cat is smart enough to open the lid. The black cat is so smart he knows to push the treat off of the counter and that it will pop the lid up just enough for him to stick his paw in and get free treats.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

Too clever by half! Watch out, the force is strong in him!

@kmdskit3 I can't really let him get outside because we have a lot of birds of prey and other predators around. He has figured out how to hide behind the wall and when the kids open the screen door he sneaks right out. I go catch that little bugger he hides way up under my trailer or truck.

@azzow2 Baddest! My Aunt lost a cat like that. ☹

@kmdskit3 here's 2 of them my son is holding Mr mischievous we call him Raven the first picture is Tux

@kmdskit3 The one my daughter is holding is called stripes

@azzow2 Such cuties! I guess your kids are kinda cute too...??

@kmdskit3 Their mom has schizophrenia, I have been going it alone with them for 7 years. The judge had me put PFA on the mom she demonstrated harmful thing in the court's eyes.

@azzow2 So sorry man... Sounds like you're doing it right though.

@azzow2 Tux short for Tuxedo, right? My cat is also called Tuc, for Tuxedo. When we got him 17 years ago as a kitten we had no idea that Tuxedo Cats were a thing, so our originality is pretty much non-existent on that score.

@Holli I originally told the kids Tux for tuxedo my own secret tux was because she was a pain in the ass. Now she is a very cool cat. if I could just get them to stop having gangland wars lol.

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