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Winter blossom

Tigerlilly 4 June 24

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Thanks everyone for the likes. Love taking pictures of nature. ☺



Thank you love taking pictures of nature its a nice feeling to catch beauty. ☺

@Tigerlilly yes it is!


That's a really fuzzy flower. Bet it's difficult to not touch.

Thank you ☺



Thank you ☺


Angelwing begonia??

Yhank you for naming it. I have a funny habbit when visiting people of asking if i can take a cutting. This one has taken a while. Finally got it in the right spot its growing quite well. First flowers interesting. Are begonias part of the orchid family ?

@Tigerlilly Maybe not an angelwing? Here is a picture. These grow very big under good conditions.


That is so beautiful reminds me of some of the carnivorous plants I had grown some years back.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

This is a very fuzzy plant!

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