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Do you think human beings are naturally spiritual, regardless of supernatural belief?

WalterJK 3 Dec 30

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The immature mind wants easy answers for our existence and carries an intense fear of death. It wants hope for the immortality of its psyche. It wants to get what it wants by whispering or shouting to the "sky guy" for it. Religion is the "spirituality" for these and it is usually so effective they need no further spiritual growth.

"Spirituality" means a lot of things to me but the most important are serenity, acceptance of my place in the universe and tolerance of all but the behaviors of the dangerous and intolerant.

I won't even go into creativity...I've been too far winded on that topic too many times already!


No people are born uncorrupted until someone decides to force their delusional beliefs on them .I think it comes down to the gullibility of the victims as to their ability to question what was taught to them


well I'm not


I think that the more people understand about the world they live in, the less need they have for a god(s) to be the answer to their problems [...or, at least, it seems that it SHOULD be that way...] Any god which 'works in mysterious ways' whenever the shit hits the fan, or 'helps those who help themselves' (and then wants credit for the person's accomplishments) seems to be phoning it in, creator-wise...But to answer the question, no...I think people are conditioned by society to 'need' spirituality...

LoreseV, I agree completely! Still, I'll take science over mythology any day...


Not really-religions are learned behavior.


No I don't . Some seem to be quite devoid of any notion of such a thing.


we are curious , imaginative and gullible . PERFECT for the men in silly hats


Mmm; would have to know more what you mean by "spiritual". Humans are evidently adventitious (seeking) and curious about the world (a winning behavior eh?). Does this include/subsume ideas about the make up of the universe? Certainly. But... is this equivalent, leaning toward "spirituality"?


isnt there studies regarding spirituality and neuroscience? And how animals are spiritual as well?




We don't know why we're here or where we're headed, so it's natural for us to ask questions that cannot be answered. But I would put my trust in science and philosophy first and foremost, rather than conjuring up some supreme being in the hope that this answers all of our questions 🙂


I think people have a natural need to understand. So we sometimes make it make sense without regards to reality. Fortunately we are in the 21st century now and we can have our cake and eat it too


I think back when humans wanted to know how things worked in the world, they were not so much naturally spiritual as they were naturally ignorant.
They assigned cause to concepts they were able to grasp mentally.

Modern humans continue supporting this behavior through cognitive dissonance.

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