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My business travel has been chock full of adventure lately. Today I am supposed to leaving Boston and heading home to Omaha. My Boston -> St. Louis flight is delayed so much I’ll never make my connection in St. Louis. My project manager, who lives in Connecticut suggests trying to rebook out of Providence since I had no options out of Boston. Rebook out of Providence with a decent chance to make it. No dice. Traffic was more awful than normal. Rebook to first flight out in the morning, and find an airport hotel. I get behind some very elderly nuns in the hotel while to my room. Unbeknownst to me, there is a nun convention today at this hotel. Somewhere the karma that I don’t believe in is laughing. I bet the hotel bar scene is wild tonight.

Ohub 7 June 28

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Wow, now don't pick up any bad habits while you're there. How Nun conventional.

Yeah, I should shut up now.



be careful some of those party nuns have bad habits


Been there, done that. At least as far as the travel and flight issues and all that. I lived on the west coast and traveled all the time, all over the west. It got old pretty fast. I feel for ya. Enjoy the nun convention!

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