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I very nearly died today. I have had epidurals before, but nothing prepared me for what happened after this one.

I was fully cognizant for this experience. Yes I had anxiety, but it wasn't enough to cause that. After he injected the medicine I felt my feet start to go numb. Then it crawled up my body. It was about 2 minutes for my lungs and diaphragm to stop moving. I kept trying to tell them I couldn't breathe. I managed to squeeze out the little air I could get to utter "can't breathe" but that took so much out of me. The nurses kept telling me I was breathing, but I know I wasn't. I couldn't keep my eyes open. They said "she's talking so she's breathing" but I barely whispered because I couldn't get any air in. The O2 sensor read 94 but in preop I was holding my breath and it didn't drop so I know it doesn't read right. My blood pressure plummeted and my skin grew cold and grey, my eyes were bright red, all from lack of oxygen. It took about an hour of serious fighting before my lungs and diaphragm started working properly again, and another hour to feel my body.

This was even more terrifying than anaphylaxis because when I go into anaphylaxis I know what is happening and why. This was me, knowing I was dying, with nurses telling me I'm fine, and no idea why I was having this reaction.

I will never have another epidural again. This was not okay by any stretch, and I'm very angry that they were going to let me code because a faulty O2 sensor said I was fine.

I am so angry. My head is in atrocious pain and I'm doing weird word substitutions i didn't do before. But most of all my head hurts terrible

LadyAlyxandrea 8 June 28

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Did you give them what-for after the fact? Your headache and aphasia may well be symptoms of being hypoxic for too long.

I sent this message to my doctors email and I let him know that I am seriously upset.


Dang. That's scary


Dang. That's scary


Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry this happened to you! And the gall for them not to believe you! I hope you recover from the headache and especially the trauma. Speaking of which, I do think, as others have mentioned, you have grounds for legal action. You shouldn't have had to go through this.

My issue is they're my coworkers and if I sue my work I can't see myself staying with them. I've grown fond of my life there, despite everything I've gone through lately, but I dunno. I just dunno. I did go into a rapid that didn't get called, and worst they tried saying it was anxiety. Maybe I should seek legal guidance....but he's the only pain specialist in kansas who has been willing to keep me on my meds...argh it's hard to think about

@LadyAlyxandrea The important thing is to heal yourself first, and then make sure there's no lingering or long-term setbacks from this that need to be treated. Then at the very least I would discuss what happened with your doctor, so it doesn't happen again.

@bleurowz he called me at 7 am to make sure I'm feeling better and he's also going to stop by my office this weekend to make sure I'm still golden. He's sorry I went through this. I told him I will not get that injection again, because I cannot go through that ever again. He understood that. So at least he's not shut me down or out and is listening to my concerns

@LadyAlyxandrea Oh that's good. Some doctor's don't seem to care. Good to hear he's following up.

@bleurowz one of the nurses also called to take down any issues or complaints I had to make the experience better.


I'm sorry you went through this. It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from. I now have a new phobia.

Yeah I am at a loss. It was just so awful. To think my papa went through that in our doorway. I'm so horrified to have experienced what he did. It makes that trauma even worse now too


I'm so sorry. Sounds terrifying. ?


That is horrible. I'm sorry you went through that agony. It seems that they should have been more concerned than they were on the basis of your appearance.


wow, what I story and you knew what was happening to you. So sorry.

Lukian Level 8 June 28, 2018

I am so sorry that happened to you to be scary as hell.

It was the most terrifying experience of my life


I'm so sorry that happened. Hugs and I hope your better soon

Thank you

Thank you


So is that malpractice is there a way to prove this? Are the serial numbers of the O2 units tied to machines? Are the records that detailed?

azzow2 Level 9 June 28, 2018

I don't know. I don't know if it's malpractice or just neglegence or a normal risk

@LadyAlyxandrea I have been close to death more times than a cat has lives. For many different reasons. I do not really fear death it is an inevitability perhaps because I have been so close so many times. What I can tell you is not to dwell on it because we all know the facts time moves forward. Chicken soup for the Phye is to do what you normally do and try not to replay it in your mind.


I'm so sorry this happened to you.

I'm told epidurals can make you feel really odd. But I have no idea if this was a near death experience or normal.

I hope you've talked this out with the Doctor doing it.

Sounds so very scary.


There is no doubt in my mind that I almost died

@LadyAlyxandrea You must discuss this with the Doctor if you intend to stay with him.

That's like me having a nerve block and saying "Never again it felt like I had a three inch nail in my back for three days" and the Doctor was all "Oh it's not that bad".

@RavenCT I sent this very post to his email. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt

@RavenCT I sent this very post to his email. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt

@LadyAlyxandrea Good! Because for one someone should have been asking how you were doing and respecting what you said.

And leaving with a stunning headache? That seems wrong. Like they should have checked you out more.

I understand not knowing what to do in a moment due to pain. I'm so sorry you went through this.

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