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All I can say about the people on here. You create a post, and when you get the response you wasn't looking for, or commented. Don't be butthurt. All I can say is that I'm me as a person and if I have to turn into the militant atheist most of us know and love don't get mad. I'm done for now, said

Qiru 6 June 29

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i get it all the time too. apparently correcting mistakes, bad information, or debunking some woo makes us militant. they are emotionally attached to an idea, that you can demonstrate is wrong, because you have come across this mistake many times, have done the research, put your time in. you know. i get accused of being mad, an asshole, a know it all, arrogant, militant etc. we should not have to excuse ourself for caring that the information is wrong, and it should be corrected not kept being feed. i have been corrected and informed on a shit ton of stuff over the years. i never got but hurt , i read the new info. checked sources . etc. then stop believing in the wrong information etc. i don't want to go around looking like a dumb ass passing on bad info. so keep doing what you do man. if they can't take it they can block you. i have blocked a few, and been blocked by who knows how many. when they pull there shit, i have the same look on my face when a trumptard says can we be civil?

O my fucking goodness, thank the planet that created me that someone actually knows what I'm talking about ?


I have seen this we have some other point views on one of the groups when you go against them they say you are off topic simply because you will not agree with them. These type of personalities I like to mess with. I try to be careful though because they are the most likely to snap.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

Thank you


Is butthurt even a word?

what in aint? lmao

@sarahjustme Okay, this site is certainly an education!

If its not, I should hurry up and patent it lol


So does you but hurt much at the moment?

Not really

@Qiru I am surprised, must be iron butt.

@Jolanta don't understand your meaning

@Qiru What, is my english so bad?

@Jolanta ask yourself that question

@Qiru i don't need to, I am asking you.

@Jolanta so demanding for someone who can't show their face

@Qiru And you seeing my face has what to do with your iron butt?

@Jolanta ok I guess whatever it is so you're talking about


OK ! Enjoy whatever it is ?

Its marijuana

Good for you !

I have plenty of seeds available for your next harvest

Did I ask ?

you must not get out much

I don't need weed to get anywhere ?

Go find a girlfriend or a life or something. You're like the lab rat. You know you're gonna get electrocuted, but you keep coming back. Leave me be. But of course you are gonna respond back


dude ... you need better weed man. or more of it.

I'm super

@Qiru not if you're carrying that kind of anger.

Why would you assume I'm angry

@Qiru .... I don't know ... words you use like butthurt, militant, and mad?

Never knew sarcasm would make you feel down.

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