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Did You Ever Notice That We Didn't Have Fake News Till We Had a Fake President?

sassygirl3869 9 June 30

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You mean that pulling out of Iraq was a good idea. Oh wait it created even a bigger problem may be our presence in Iraq wasn't such fake news.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

We had to pull off the bandaid at some point. No matter how long we stayed there - 5,10, 50 or 100 years - the sectarian violence would have exploded the day we left. In the business world we call it the Sunk Cost fallacy (or throwing good money after bad).

@TonyMacaroni I was in Desert Storm and Desert Shield when I came home all I heard was fake news. They do not want us there we are causing a lot of trouble etc. Never once did one person ever say that to us quite the opposite in fact. Later on during t the Freedom war I had asked some asked several marines the same question everyone of them told me the same thing the people want us there shake our hands say thank you. The news B.S. as it is said exactly the opposite. So first hand it was fake news way before The President called it fake news.

@azzow2 I didn’t say they wanted us to leave. The issue is that Iraq is made up of Shi’a and Sunni Muslim groups that have been at odds with each other for 1300 years. Yes, that is correct, 1300 years. Saddam kept things under control with an iron fist and showing he was a savage. As a country, it is not economically feasible for us to maintain occupied territories across the globe.

@azzow2 also consider Iran. We overthrew their government in the early 50s and installed the Shah. The Shah ruled the country for over 20 years during a time of relative prosperity. However, despite ruling for an entire generation he was easily overthrown in the late 70s.

@TonyMacaroni The topic was fake news BTW

@azzow2 how was it fake news? I remember it being major news that was covered on a near daily basis.


Have to be fake to create it at the presidential level.


norm beat me too it, we have always had fox, the national inquire , i just did not expect the poster child of it to get the job.


Since Mr. Trump coined the term, seems logical. But he never defined the term so it is left open to whatever is needed at the moment. Bad news has been around since corporations took them over. I love the term 'world news' in the title of many news programs that focus on only the US.

xyz123 Level 7 June 30, 2018

@MARDUK While I like the idea -- have you considered who will replace him? Vice President, Speaker of the House, Secretary of State?


well we's FOX NEWS.

^^^^^ Bingo ^^^^^

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