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People please interact without looking at your phone so damn much, just saying

Qiru 6 June 30

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I have access to the entirety of human knowledge in the palm of my hand and at the touch of a button. There is no recorded fact that I can't learn in nanoseconds.

That's cool in theory; most of the time I'm just waiting for completely inappropriate videos to buffer.

JimG Level 8 July 1, 2018

So we all watch porn. No big deal lol


I think people forget that cell phones allow you to communicate with people all over the world. They also allow you to access the internet which is the largest library of knowledge ever constructed. It's astonishing that satellites are being sent data from my little spot on the earth to a data center where it can be accessed by the world. It doesn't shock me at all that people are on their phones all the time. I'm actually surprised people put them down at all.

Yeah, can't watch porn all the time lol


Sorry Dude. I was on AG talking to my friends?


a drawing I did a long while back about self-imposed limitations. portable cell window...


Right you are! At my work they are outlawed. Well, sort of. You are not allowed to carry them around with you but everyone does. Employees are also smiling and looking down at the damned things constantly with thumbs moving vigorously. If a customer comes in the employee straightens up quickly to ask if they can help him.
I actually have seen people strap the left hand to a steering wheel of a car and have the cell phone in it. This explains the near accidents and nonsense I see almost daily as a delivery driver.
The movie "American Sniper" had the ever present cell phone in it and a phone would ring from home at the most awkward of times. I just knew this had to be a glitch in the reality of the movie, so I asked present active Army personnel about it. They told me it was true but this is NOT a cell phone!**
DUH! What the hell is going on? Then people tell me that I talk too much.


Found this...



OH ! so you recognise a cell ?

How are you today my nemesis

Up to shit OK ! Thanks fof asking.

@VAL3941 blah blah


I was out for dinner a few evenings ago with my friend and we remarked that we were the only ones not scrolling our phones. Ours weren’ t even on the table but in our bags. at the next table, a family of four were all looking at their phones and never said a word to each other while they were waiting for their meal. Each one of them was in a world of their own, but the parents should have known better and should’ve been showing a better example.
Yes I think that cartoon has it right, people are being taken prisoners by their cell phones.

Not everyone gets along that well with their relatives. Sometimes, everyone looking at their phones is preferable to attempting conversation only to end up in the usual fights. I wish we'd had that when I lived with my parents. I'm sure people thought the same thing about me when I brought a book with me everywhere I went just to avoid the inevitable conflict that even speaking to my mother would bring.

@memorylikeasieve I understand what you are saying and I’m sorry that you didn’t have a better relationshio with your mother. The incident I was referring to was different because the kids were only about 10 and 12. The parents should have been engaging with their kids not being more interested in their own world. We didn’t even have TV on at mealtimes when we’ were raising our kids and always sat down together as a family to eat dinner. You were not to blame for the fights at home so I hope you don’t feel guilty, parents should be able to make a calm and nurturing environment for their offspring it’s part of their duties.

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