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If you ordered cheesecake, and they bring chocolate cake, is it ok to eat it first before complaining?

hankster 9 July 1

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Is the coffee good, or bad?

real good.

@hankster then, either/or...




After, "That was the best chocolate cheese cake i have ever had."


Depends on how carb deprived I am. At the moment I'd eat the chocolate cake, complain about the cake and ask for another and then, when they bring the second chocolate cake, I'd tell them I ordered cheesecake. ??

now see... that's a whole layer of dishonestly i was avoiding. but i suppose sufficient sweet toothery could lead to these darker chocolate places.?


They can't take it back after it reaches the table.

that's what I'm saying and no piece of cake should have to suffer because it was wrongly delivered.


Only if peach cobbler wasn't on the menu.

a reasonable consideration.


Nooooooooooooo! That is just wrong. 😕

Why would you order cheesecake over chocolate cake anyway? That is just all kinds of wrong....😕

@patchoullijulie I like cheesecake

@hankster Well I guess there's just no accounting for some people's taste!!!!! 😀


hankster Prankster!!

Etre Level 7 July 1, 2018

Only if you’re a kvetch


If i ate it and then complained, i would feel like a hypocrite; so no, it wouldn't be ok (read comfortable) for me to do that.

what if it weren't a complaint so much as a simple statement as in,"the chocolate cake was delicious however I ordered cheesecake"

@hankster My reaction would depend on whether i was prepared to accept the restaurant's replacement for what i had ordered. With the example though, and since i don't particularly like chocolate cake, it would probably be a complaint. LOLL

@hankster Still nooooooooooooo!


Lol -- Well, maybe a huge bite is justifiable due to your being inconvenienced.

surely a big huge giant bigly bite would be appropriate... if only to ensure they didn't try to give it to someone else... and now knowing that it's just going to be thrown away, the only thing right to do is to finish it.

@hankster Ramen. ?


Normally if I tell them they made a mistake they'll give my my cheesecake and let me keep the chocolate cake too because they'd rather not throw it away

ah yes, this is the best. hmmm.. ..but much riskier.


well that just takes the fun out of

@hankster life is harsh ???


Hell they're just going to take it back and throw it away anyway.


The few times I've experienced this, they almost always offer to leave the original dish there and bring the correct one. Sometimes it gets eaten, and sometimes it doesn't.


I don't see why not...


If they are both on the menu cheesecake will not even be a consideration.

even that fudge turtle kind? it has caramel and stuff.

@hankster l like cheescake, l LOVE chocolate cake.

@Sticks48 Yup! Chocolate is everything!

@SukiSue It is good on everything including each other. Wrong group!

@Sheannutt Why not? It's the best!!!

@Sheannutt Aw... that's true! There are lots of good cookbooks out there for flour free chocolate desserts. But it's still different.

@Sheannutt This is getting so common!

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