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How do you feel about this one?
We see all sorts of multiple standards, particularly when females are the object of the "rules". How many schools in the US, including 'christian' schools are there whose cheerleaders costumes comply with the dress code for school attendance or the prom. I mean, girls can't show their legs or knees or shoulders because it will distract the boys yet the same schools pimp these girls for the ball games.

TimothyIII 5 July 1

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Good point. least in the 1950's it was consistent. Cheerleader skirts went below the knee back then and cheerleaders wore sweaters. These days, it's practically a strip club on the sidelines. The only thing missing is the pole.


I can remember moving down the hallway during a classroom change , and some guy , I didn't know , grabbed the back of my bra and snapped it . They used to do that , in hopes that it would unhook , in the early 1960s . It wasn't acceptable then , either . Stupid assholes . What did they think they would accomplish ? Certainly didn't make the girls like them .


Just curios , do the schools make the boys pull their pants up , or are they still wearing them below their butt holes ?

I have no clue. I haven't been near a school during "school hours" in 6 or more years.


The Patriarchy.. Women can be sexualised - but only on men's terms. Women are not allowed to be their natural selves. If school girls/women don't wear a bra for example, they might get sent home.

That's how ridiculous it is. Women should be allowed to go topless in the US. People would eventually get used to it and the human body will be seen as the human body again.


It is a huge pimping of girls. Not to mention that girls are put into supporting roles and told boys sports are more important than theirs. Plus cheerleading is a huge popularity contest. I never told my girls they couldn't go out for cheerleader. They told me they didn't want to. Two were in the marching band and none of them had much good to say about the cheerleaders or their relative intelligence.


It is a bit of a double standard. Girls need to dress conservatively because "boys can't control themselves". Yet when boys act like animals, and harass girls anyway, it's "boys will be boys".

Boys will be boys is why we have a culture that forgives the rapist and blames the victim.

@HippieChick58 That's the point I was making. Sorry if I didn't portray it very well.

@ErichZannIII I just restated, you did fine. And I really appreciate that you said it. It seems that many males in my age group haven't made that connection yet.

I'm... Not exactly normal for a man my age. I'm even eccentric by my friends' standards.

@HippieChick58 Yep, and if a female is attractive, it's because she is a floozy but if she is unattractive a loser. I've met very few ladies who weren't just about perfect as intelligent and caring human beings!

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