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What's so important for a guy to be attractive to a lady according to Evolution.

Lazemjam 4 Jan 1

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In the primitive man it was strength to fight off competing males just as it is today in most primates .When this factor is removed artificial traits take over such as social status etc.This leads to an inferior jean pool ,because the survival of the fittest does not play apart in reproduction.

humans have seriously fucked with nature but she doesn't even notice or care but she will pay us back big time.

Thank u for your answer


Physical attraction is more a trait of males. We were "programmed" to "spread the seed" among as many females we deemed most attractive (including healthy, active, socially integrated, etc) as possible.

Though I'm sure there was the adolescent "bad boy" attraction among primitive women, they were more interested in finding, and keeping, a good provider and protector. "Good looking" was no doubt a bonus but raising successful offspring was their primary genetic objective.

Tnx for ur answer


According to evolutionary standards all that is required is that you are "good enough" to procreate. Not particularly flattering.


To hook up I guess... That's the way its always been for me. There's a lot of pleasure in hooking up... romance and desire, there a powerful thing. Hooking up compliments all the beauty of reaching that next step in a relationship.


Seems the whole point of attraction is to propagate the species. Depending on where you are in the world, even though we all basically have similar anatomy, various features and shapes can be considered more attractive. Big lips, wide hips for child bearing, even features of the face, tiny feet, large voluptuous bodies, long hair, no hair, muscles, tall and slender, lots of adornments, most features covered by garments, feet, hands, white teeth, big eyes, on and on.

Then, add to all this that each of us may be triggered by something undefinable about a potential mate.

One thing I'm sure of is, the system works well - maybe too well - as is evidenced by the over abundant amount of humans that we have now, with more occurring every minute !


I honestly think that's a loaded term- "according to evolution." As if evolution is some sort of natural code or guidebook that tells us how to live our lives. It's not. It's merely the process by which species change over time. There is no evolutionary advice or rule on how important it is to be attractive or anything else. Animals don't sit and think, "hm, what would evolution want me to do?" No, they just do. Evolution is merely a process that just happens, and survival/reproduction is the mechanism by which that process operates. There are no hard and fast rules as to what will survive and reproduce, so to look to evolution for such answers is approaching the problem from the wrong angle.

But Sex is important to survive ????

Well, sex is certainly crucial to the survival of a species as a whole. But as far as who, what, when, where, why, and how we have sex...that's up to us. Again, evolution is not whispering in our ears telling us what to do with our lives. We just do things. And by just doing the things we do, by surviving and reproducing in all the different ways we do, we unwittingly influence the course of our species' evolution. In that sense it is the organism that dictates evolution, not the other way around. Or one could view it as a cycle in which organisms' behavior affects their evolution, which affects their descendents' behavior that affects their evolution, and so on. No matter which way you look at it, however, evolution is not some absolute force that dictates how we ought to live, survive, or reproduce.


Attractiveness is different for everyone. You can be attracted by physical looks but each culture places different values of good looking - big noses vs. small noses, prominent chin vs small chins, and people like me look at someone's eyes. That's just the physical. If strong facial features are the characteristic according to Evolution does that carry over to current human behavior?

U know if in a place that attractive is dependent on self-confidence and being smart that is deferent in socially !,


A study was done on lions and it was found that female lions prefer darker manes. The more blonde the mane, the poorer the health of the lion.


Attractiveness correlates with good genetics. For example:

  • Symmetrical features indicates that your genes work well upon mitosis; asymmetrical features indicate that something is not quite right during embryology.
  • Good body odor indicates a normally functioning tissues in the body while strong pheromones (bigger deal in our evolutionary past) indicate that you are sexually mature and viral; bad body odor may indicate disease or poorly functioning tissue (like a poor GI tract), something you don't want to pass onto others
  • "Opposites attract" could be seen as a way to enhance genetic diversity. That a brown eyed person may find a grey eyed person more attractive than another brown eyed person could be seen as a way to mix the brown and grey genes and get more variety.

As society evolves into a more communicative species, with writing and speech, physical features become less important but never wholly irrelevant since, being vulgar, you will have lots of sex with someone you find physically attractive and less sex with one you don't, where lot's of sex has clear evolutionary advantages.

This guy really gets diversity. A homogenous gene pool is a weak gene pool. Something which religion only hints at on occasion but science has proven.


One prevailing theory is that attractive looking people are perceived as healthier and healthier people are less likely to die suddenly. Also less likely to pass on diseases. Society has moved beyond that but our monkey brains have not evolved past that.

I don't think society has moved nor should move beyond that. Seems the monkey brain knows what is good for us as a species.

"Attractive people are less likely to get tinnitus — and asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure, according to new research.
The more physically attractive men and women are rated, the more unlikely they are to suffer from a wide range of health problems, from high cholesterol to depression.
[...] These extraordinary findings by U.S. researchers are based on a study of 15,000 men and women aged 24 to 35 who have been followed since they were ten. "


What I mean is that attractive is not necessarily healthy and ugly is not necessarily unhealthy. Besides attractive people are more likely to carry sexually transmitted diseases like HPV and herpes because of all the sex they are having lol


Look at the most common traits. The "average" guy is the case evolution has made and current society and individuals slowly moves that average. It seems like such a contradiction.

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