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So it is

HippieChick58 9 July 1

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Fuckers!! ??


This is the situation I get. The guy holding the sign of the smoking baby is protesting small cigarettes. The guy with the cross is on/off his medication and is attempting to fly. The lady is practicing to be an efficient school crossing guard. The kid with the torn clothing spent the night in the woods and is lost. The kid sleeping in the newspaper is an aspiring hobo.


So true !

Ohub Level 7 July 1, 2018

Remember they are not 'pro-life' they are 'pro-forced birth'.

That is for damn sure!


The republican party forgets about children after they are born.They have reduced or removed meals at school, change welfare food stamps, deny them medical coverage or the parents who are responsible for taking care of them, they attack people on welfare instead of the people who take advantage of the program criminally. They promote themselves as protectors of the Constitution they aren't and as the most moral persons and they are not.


Exactly! A million likes from me.

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