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So many photos lost and damaged in last weeks flood. This one is particularly sad.
My Dad in 1943.

AmiSue 8 July 1

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Loss is a tricky thing to deal with, but it appears you have some good people waiting to help. Most of you out there are amazing!


Went through a flood several years ago. Lost many poems I had constructed on coasters and napkins way before the internet. Lost lots of memories. I feel for you.

@AmiSue 2 years ago I bought a house over 5000ft on a mountain the fear of that ever happening again has left me.


Sorry to hear that. I hope you can restore them.


Take the photo to a photographer or a camera store that does printing, they will be able to restore it so it looks like new. It really is not that badly damaged.


I'm sorry... it's so sad that we come and go and it's over with.


Wow i hope they can be recovered. so sorry this happened


Oh no!! I hope some of them can be salvaged !

Ohub Level 7 July 1, 2018

Is this the actual photograph that was damaged? Looks like a great scan. That can be easily re-done on photoshop or other similar software.

It's completely restorable.

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