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Have you landed your dream partner here? If not,do you still waste time trying to find one?

Humanlove 7 July 3

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Had an "ideal partner" but she's 7 years into dementia, the woman I married is long gone. I have finally started to look around for someone new, but I will not try or assume I will get lucky twice. For one thing I'm one of those eccentric artistic types (shudder), my goal is acceptance for what I am, and that ain't easy.


Not a waste of time on here at all. As far as I'm concerned, my partner is still out there. If I meet someone here, great. If I don't, I'm not disappointed because I've always enjoyed the community.


I don't see it as a waste of time


I sleep a lot but never about partners. I dream about getting out of a building. I am a scape artist of sort. Never the same setting. This site has nothing to do with it. In less than 2 weeks I will be back in Las Vegas so... Some dreams become a reality. Once in Vegas the hunt... may begin and may not. But the scape dreams should end. No need to talk to Freud. What was the question again?


Sigh. No. I am convinced it will simply never happen.

@germangirl90439 I am quite happy for you but I really don't think I'm the relationship type.


It turned out pretty strange I actually originally came on here because I am lonely and I would like to meet a wonderful lady ( although at this point I would be more than happy to settle for just a nice lady with a pulse) and then I found out I'm staying for the community

?? ? @ "Nice lady with a pulse"

Keep those standards high ?


If I had ..I doubt she’d encourage or even allow me to spend this (nonfuckin) much time around here 😉

You’re second questions more difficult.. No, the best time is wasted 🙂

Varn Level 8 July 3, 2018

Alas, Brad Pitt still isn't returning my calls.


It is nice of you to state that one's dream partner may be here and easy to locate. Not so nice to say that otherwise one is wasting their time. I am not looking for a perfect partner, I already have one, so I do not think it is a waste to talk with all the nice and kind people I have so far communicated with.


Sure,all things are possible, location is sometime a drawback,weighing do I invest the time, and effort? I'm 71, do I have many years left? Who knows?


I don't worry about landing my dream partner,nor do I consider my time here as wasted. Like many other things I do, if I meet my dream partner while doing them, that's great, if I enjoy myself anyway, that's wonderful.


Yes I did. Met through Private Messaging, Singles Chat Room, Telephone and finally in person latst week.

I was blocked in that group for saying that I was free and don't need a gun.oooop I think I can say you blocked me..


I don't consider it a waste of time, this is a worthwhile endeavor. Finding a partner to enjoy life with is worth the effort. I will make the effort gladly until we find each other. 🙂

I thought i had it made,I didn't marry until 43,so no kids,but my wife got cancer and was gone in little over a years time,no fight's,drama or screaming.Was hoping for another 10-15 years with her but 27 years is a nice long time.... Now it's memories,some happy,others bittersweet...

@Louise1920 I'm sad for your loss, happy for your time together. 27 years is quite remarkable, especially with a late start. 🙂

@DeeWoman I was her 3rd husband,the first was a Marine,died when he fell asleep and crashed his car,the second was an abusive monster,she divorced him, and years later met me. She always said "3rd times the charm".... We met through a singles ad I ran in a paper in San Diego Ca.

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