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For my world travelers: []

Come see me on the Island of Hainan.

LilithGone 4 July 3

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I'd love to go. Have not been to that part of the world.


Whats happening there? I looked it up; between Hong Kong and Vietnam. Iā€™d love to hear about what you discover.

Right. In the South China Sea. It's tropical. Much like Hawaii in weather, flora and faun. It's called "Coconut Island" because you can't walk down the street without stumbling on a coconut. Lots of tropical fruit. Excellent Chinese noodle dishes. Famous Hainan Chicken dish. The atmosphere is very much like Saigon. Lots of motorbikes, street food and palm trees. Jinping is opening up the island to foreign travelers with no visa, open internet, western credit and debit cards accepted, modernizing transpo and entertainment.

No more commercial than Hawaii, but older and cheaper. Haikou is the capitol city. Beautiful parks. I haven't been to Sanya, yet. May head that way over the summer and report back. There are also two primate conservation parks, one near Sanya and the other directly south.

It is a long trip. 14 hours. But flights are cheap and so are accomodations here. Food is so cheap. Transportation is good and there are English signs and announcements.

@LilithGone it sounds like a wonderful cultural, gastronomic, aesthetic, and wildlife (I love primates) place to visit. Do you like to go by yourself?

@JamieH I've traveled mostly solo, but have met many incredible people along the way. I live here now. Atleast, for the next year. The weather is something to adapt to. It's so humid and now is typhoon season. Sporadic thunderstorms/showers and occassional typhoon almost everyday/evening. Yesterday, I finally spent a day at the beach as it hadn't rained for two days and there was a nice breeze. I'm so sun-burnt even though I spent most of the time in the shade of a palm tree. LOL. January/February I think is the best time as the temp and humidity go down. I plan to visit Sanya then. BTW, the new movies, "The Meg" is partially filmed in Sanya. Looks like a fun movie. The noodle dishes in Hainan are most famous. The hotpot here is amazing. And, of course, the coconuts are cheap and delicious. The fruit here is amazing, similar to Vietnam. The RMB is going down so my spending ability is also. Trumps trade wars sending the currency spiraling and the cost of living up. Birding here is amazing. Hiking is amazing. Transportation is great. But they need more English signs for the bus system. Come visit. I have a spare room.


Have been there not my favorite place too commercialized. Have been to places not so scarred by capitalism.

What do you mean, "not so scared by capitalism"? There's not a person on this island that won't take your money. šŸ˜‰

@LilithGone It was a typo spell check must have been helping me out again.

@LilithGone I think he meant scarred.

@AstralSmoke spell check is not always good to me.

@azzow2 Me either. It's always making up words!

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