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Are you mellowing with age or leaning toward the get-off-my-lawn end of the spectrum?

chalupacabre 8 July 3

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I had a fence built a few months back for two reasons; to keep people out of my yard and to keep my dog in my yard.

To be honest, I find the older I get the more I like animals more than humans.


Mellow Yellow. ?

Quite right


I find that every year after 40 I give fewer and fewer fucks about what other people think. I also find that I have developed quite the LBT Low Bullshit Threshold and it gets lower every year...especially when it comes to dating.

What she said..



I am experiencing both.


I am in such a state of serenity when I get back from the gym. Then I start my arts and crafts project.

In a zen state of mind, I whittle away at a piece of wood that will eventually become the cane I use, when I'm 90, to beat those bastards who are on my lawn!

And with all that gym time, I'll still be able to run after them like a mo-fo.


It’s early to tell yet, but I think a bit of both? Mellowing in traffic, off my lawn at home.


Definitely moving towards the grouchier end of the spectrum! More like I'm learning to be more assertive and stand up for myself. When you've been "nice" as long as I have, people think it's being rude when you're just setting boundaries.


I'm turning so mellow I'm yellow



I own me now more than ever before. My choice to be my way... what ever that means when it means something.


Every day is a crapshoot.


I care less what people think and I have no tolerance for stupidity.

At the same time, I rarely get angry. I'm fairly relaxed.


What the hell is all this ruckus?! Ugh! You people!

Okay, so… I think I'm less judgemental as I've gotten older and (presumably) wiser, but I've also become more introverted and value my solitude more now than ever before. So, on the one hand I'm more accepting of others' rights to make their own decisions and do whatever they choose (insofar as it doesn't violate others' rights), and on the other hand I just want them to do so as far away from me as possible.


I am still at the point of it depending on the issue.


Depends on what the issue is. Have you seen my political postings, I'm getting more Liberal and proud of it as I age. My grass I don't give a darn about, I just don't want the twerps looking in my windows or messing with my garden. I curse at other drivers, put the damn phone down and pay attention to traffic! My motto is pick your battles and find your peace. I am concerned enough about the USA to chose to participate politically. Who the Kardashians are sleeping or not sleeping with I don't give a rip for. Why are they a thing, anyway?


I go both ways.


Depends who I'm dealing with. I find I'm more short tempered with children. I just don't want to deal with them these days since they have cell phones stuck to their faces since birth and think they know more than I do from watching YouTube.
On the other hand, I'm much softer toward older people. You've got to have some sort of respect for people over ninety for putting up with the bs for so long.


Both. I have less tolerance for bullshit as I get older, but I also feel that some things that bothered me before don't bother me as much or at all as they used to.



Coldo Level 8 July 4, 2018

My views are certainly not mellowing with age. I have become more militant in the defense of my beliefs and have started challenging people when they disrespect them.


I have my “Get Off My Lawn” moments but I meditate to keep it in check, with mixed results.


The weed helps, but definitely mellowing.


No, not get-off, I am more accepting of people, even a poor drug addict or immigrant, who do what they must to survive. No, not mellowing in this age of 45, who drives me crazy with his cruelty and corruption. I don't seem to fit into the mellow-lawn spectrum.


Mellowing, no doubt..... Used to be a real bad ass, now I just want to sleep sound at night


You can fuck my wife if you want to but don't you dare park on my lawn while you're doing it.



As much as I would like to think I've mellowed, I so haven't. Little things push me off, probably more than they should - a lot of contemporary pop music, having to pass on the right because some jerk is camped out in the left lane, doing the speed limit, the perceived importance of what celebrities think or wear, the interweaving of politics and corporations. A healthy sarcasm and creating euphemisms in stressful situations can usually get me back on track to my happy place, though.

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