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This site and all of you are really cool! It is nice to "be around" people with a similar core belief. I would like to meet someone on here, well period lol, but I will enjoy the ride no matter the outcome. I am going to add a pic or two soon. Not sure what the deal is with the levels? Is it a Dante' thing or did I not pay attention in the beginning 😉
Thank you to all who have welcomed me, replied, liked something I said, and visited me.

Phillydrl 7 July 4

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Welcome! Just so you know, I noticed your "tags" above, "blowingthegroup" probably won't advance your level that much faster!!! LOL




Hello and welcome, What kind of ride are you talking about ?

Just clarifying. Many things to many people ? So it's cool.


Hello and welcome


Just keep typing and clicking and you will climb the ladder in no time! Enjoy!




Mate, you are welcome here. A few dickheads here or there, but mostly we roll together.


Explanation of Levels: []


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