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Hello... What does everyone have planned for the weekend.

GeekDad13 4 July 5

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Work but after that lunch with friends and whatever else comes up. Maybe go see one of the new movies out I have been putting off seeing.

Rose2U Level 7 July 27, 2018

For me every day during the summer is a weekend day since I am off work. It's just Friday but I will be heading to Summerfest in Milwaukee today in about 20 minutes. Saturday will be grass cutting and yard work. Sunday I will be heading back to Summerfest for the closing day. Enjoying my life.


Survive boredom


Flying to San Juan and getting on a cruise ship. Vacation's over, back to work.

You are going to work on a cruise ship? That's a vacation for me. Lol

@GeekDad13 yep, I work where people vacation and I live where people vacation. Every day's a holiday.


I didn't plan anything last weekend - just let things happen and it got busy. This coming weekend I am going horseback riding and then furniture shopping with my daughter. I like to have some plans on Saturdays and absolutely nothing planned for Sundays.


I'm painting my house


Same as always, hike, read Kindle books, watch Netflix shows, walk to the Songkhla Tesco-Lotus mall and get a KFC ice cream cone, go birding..


Working, both nights.

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