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I Hate When I Wake Up and Fuhrer Trump is still there. Not My President

sassygirl3869 9 July 6

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Where did you get the mug?


He is coming to UK this week! Big protests expected.


Depressing isn't it.


They have just brought out a Trump Cup!

Coldo Level 8 July 6, 2018

I have never disliked anyone like this........



Some days I think about tRump screwing up our lives, our country, and our world, and all I want to do is provide him a ticket to Ford's Theater and hope the ghost of John Wilks Booth will come for a visit.


I applaud the thought, but not sure i could own a mug with that name on it.....

I have never said the name, myself.


I think Americans are shooting themselves in the foot by not supporting their president. He might be in power for several more years. It might pay off to support and guide but not tear down.

Support ripping children from momma, support filthy air & water for generations to come, support the dismantling of OSHA, Medicare/Medicaid, labor unions. ETC ETC ETC.
Yeah, that's a Great stick with that!

He is NOT my president. He is not legitimate

POS has never been legit-Senate found he committed treason with Russia-Are you deaf, dumb and blind?

He is the destroyer & we must Resist his every move. This is how we become Nazis is by allowing him any opening. I stood in Protest when he came to Key West & I happened to be there. Screw anyone that even thinks supporting these Nazis........

Wrong he has done so much damage to this country already that it is a crime. The mere thought of having him for another 4 years is terrible. He is a racist bully and a coward!

with all due respect, fuck that shit!!! Never, ever, ever going to respect (cough, gag) or support that orange freaks show.

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