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How did we become a nation where people are guilty by accusation? I'm talking about numerous events lately where someone is accused of any number of words ending in an "ism". They lose their jobs and they're smeared all across social media What happened to due process?

myownmind 7 July 6

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The justice system died long ago.


Great question! The justice system used to take care of crime and punishment but now other groups in society want to add their penalties. Even colleges want to set up judiciary committees. Society in general has no qualifications for this task which used to be entrusted to the real judiciary.


We’re not. We’re a nation of complacent, overworked, stressed out commercial driven people looking more for distraction than the betterment of a system that promotes this… As ‘politics’ is discouraged and anger is encouraged the unhinged among us outnumber those making the effort to vote. Thus, our government reflects the hostility of a minority that are easily riled & led. The good suffer, but ultimately, it’s there own fault. A complicated mess becoming more deeply entrenched with each devastating election..

“Isms” are used to target, we must root out the Targeters..

Varn Level 8 July 7, 2018

Due process and tolerance and inclusiveness were always fragile and imperfectly deployed values. Now they are under full assault, and who knows how much we'll regress.


I have read things that have said our legal system is filled with sociopaths, narcissists and those that listen to money instead of reason.


it is weird


If they catch you on video doing it, its pretty hard to weasel out of it later by claiming its not what you meant or its not what you did or said. Actually, isn't it what we had in mind when we started putting cameras everywhere for our "safety", and gladly gave up our privacy for our "safety"? I find it amusing that some of the most paranoid people who initially loved that trade off are now the ones being caught on video acting abominably, and I'm sure they're thinking "wait, they weren't supposed to keep people safe from ME". Yeah, if you're behaving like a monster in public, that's exactly what the intent was.


Usually, there are videos to prove it, though. If you are pretending that all those sexual predators are somehow being unfairly treated, then you have zero idea what you're talking about.

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