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You guys. A dude in a walker is hitting on me and mad that I'm not responding. Heeelllllpppp!
Side note: I have got to move out of Sarasota.

OpposingOpposum 9 July 7

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Do like my friend and move to Georgia, so all the married Christian men can hit on you.

Oh dear. It may be time to implement plan B. Dress like a dude and start calling myself alejandro.


Hey now he may be "the one"

I'm super sad we don't have that barf emoji....;p


clutch might be slipping.


I sympathize with you, but I admire his optimism. He's probably got a couple of decades on my, and I've given up.

JimG Level 8 July 7, 2018

Lol. You shouldn't Jim. You're a good guy. ?


Walk away leaving a trail of BB's behind.... 😉


Shame on you, he is just trying to be nice......... so he can see if he can still get if up ?


How irritating.


Come to Indiana !!!..... Or not....Bible freaks outnumber all other minorities combined .... Aghhhh

@germangirl90439 all I can't tell you, I ain't one of'em....


Snort.... at least you don't have to run. You can walk at a slow pace and still leave him in the dust.


Ok, no sympathy, if you can't out run him !!! Lol


I took your comment seriously.


Not responding gives the wrong message of try harder. I would definitely respond. First, a kind no thank you. Second, I said no, and now you get blocked.

I told him his attention was unwelcome and he needed to leave me alone. He threw an old fart tantrum.

@Blindbird You do not have to tolerate that here. So it's block time, and even report name time to @Admin time. Enough reports and I expect the bad apples will be thrown out to not bother others too.

@Blindbird Was it somebody on AG or IRL?

@BlueWave @Silverwhisper this was out on the street. I appreciate you looking out for me though, so thank you.

@Blindbird lol okay. I would say always be assertive whether here, or out on the street. No use giving him too much attention which is all he wanted though. You should be able to outwalk an old guy with a walker. Or take his picture with your phone and tell him your boyfriend will be looking for him.


Were you made to quit your job due to sexual harrassment, or was that some one else?


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