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Be kind and love.

Sheannutt 9 July 7

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Good stuff. I would put Love at the top for Love feeds all of the others...


If I had to pick one.....kindness, maybe. I find it easyish because I have lots of time and few obligations but I think it must be very difficult for young people out there grafting for a living, all stressed-out and mentally tired.


There has been a lot of push back when asking women to "smile". I wonder the source and reasoning. I remind myself to smile at others, just so they feel better about the day. I have a lot of animosity toward many people that are doing certain things in the world right now, if I knew all of them maybe I wouldn't smile at them, but in general, I smile a lot. It is a small thing to do that reaps so many good things.


Never stop learning This is what I had learned about today Rhodium []


Why work hard and smile often?

I can only make a guess it's about responsibility, sacrifice and doing these things cheerfully.


I only like the last one, the others are too hard ?


Like it a lot.

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