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I live a block away from the Pacific Ocean. Early this morning, for the first time this year, I took a walk along the pier. How sad is that?A prime example of me taking things for granted. I should be out there every morning rain or shine. Anyway, summer is finally here (yay) and it was just beautiful. The newness of the start of a day, the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the salty sea air. There was a myriad of people; walkers, cyclists, runners, fishermen/women, religion pushers, homeless folk and the people who are living life hard. Visiting tourists mingling with the locals who were out walking their dogs. The usual array or big and small Seagulls waiting for droppings of food from the people fishing. Families playing together, lifeguards and local council maintenance workers. AND I havn't even mentioned the view looking out onto the ocean.
It was nice to take the time to appreciate my surroundings.
Today, life is good. 😀

patchoullijulie 8 July 8

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On a somewhat related tangent.....when I lived in New Orleans, I used to go to Audubon Park...a beautiful little park with a walking/jogging track...a lagoon and a rookery for egrets, etc....gorgeous live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging. In the distance you could hear the streetcars rolling up St Charles Ave....just a lovely place. Yet most people would be walking along with their ipods and earbuds...or staring at their phones. Missing the beauty of what was right in front of them. I actually feel sorry for people that never bother to look up.

I lived in New Orleans for 3 years so I am familiar with the park. I loved that place. I lived in Algiers Point so never got to see it as often as I would have liked but enjoyed it when I could.

@patchoullijulie Small world!

@Secretguy It absolutely is 😀


When I had lived in California I was only about a mile and a half from the ocean. When I had moved back in 2003 I would go to the beach and surf fish every chance I could. in 2004 I had gotten tar on my feet the first time I thought it was just a fluke. Every time then after the first time I went to the beach I came back with tar on my feet. I had stopped going so frequently. I know several that surf almost every weekend someone was stung by a stingray. The big sharks were coming in the bay and 2 years ago a couple of sea snakes were spotted. The ocean is beautiful and healing. The pollution is just out of control.

Sadly it is the same here. There is a Mexican sewage outlet a couple of miles south of here and quite often it will pollute the surrounding beaches, especially after a rain storm. But the locals don't seem to be too concerned with it because there are always surfers in the water. I tend to stick to the pier. 😀


Thank you Patchoullijulie! I live in Delaware with the Atlantic Ocean at my back door. This post made me realize how much I take my opportunities for granted. I am heading out to stick my toes in the water and reevaluate where my mind needs to be. Thank you for helping me to stop and smell the roses! ❤️

ohhh...seems we have both come to the same conclusion. 😀


I would kill to live at the ocean.

I find it hard to live anywhere else.


I never appreciated the seashore more than during the past year while residing in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino Counties area). The ocean has a primal call that, once it has planted in your essence, seems never to leave. I used to board surf, did it off and on for over 50 years and I love being near the sea. Now I'm back up near the shore, in Oxnard; only a couple miles from the beach and loving it. As soon as I can get a little tighter rein on my finances, I'm going to acquire a standup paddle board and get back out in the water.

Get out there as often as you can, the opportunity may not always be there.


Good is Life.


Yes. It's easy to take our natural world for granted. I feel sorry for the homeless people you mentioned ?

Yep me too. 😟


I'd be out there every day.

IKR! I am going to work on that.


Damn, if i lived that close, I'd have made my first walk in the first week of the so-called year. My dog would want it to happen on first day, rain, sleet, snow or even through a blizzard. Aside from religion pushers and smelling the roses or body odor emanating from some of the homeless folk, it sounds beautiful.

The diversity is actually the thing I enjoy most and your right, I should be out there every day. I should make it my next goal. 😀


Go to Other Blocks, Cities, States and Nature Parks. State and Craft Fairs, Wine Tasting and other Cultural Gatherings. Lots of Roses out there.

I agree.


..You couldn't see the forrest for the trees, Its great that you're taking advantage of an amenity that most people would sell their Grandmother for (I wouldn't sell her, not that shallow)...anyway sounds like you're living the dream....???

I have to admit I kinda am...lucky me. 😀

Thats why I liked your Post's title, stop and smell the roses, its so important to literally stop what you're doing sometimes and positively evaluate the great place you are in at that point in time...recognise it acknowledge it....savour it...then bank it...for a rainy day ☺


I love San Diego and would love to retire someplace with a home on or near the beach. Doubtful it'll happen. You just made me jealous as hell. LOL! =]

It is a tad expensive living here 😕 to say the least. I am lucky in that I scored a really cheap, perfectly suited apartment a few years ago but I could never afford to buy here. So I just enjoy it while I can. 😀

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