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"Looking for someone into fitness." Is this the PC way of saying "no fat chicks?" What does this mean? What level of fitness? I'm into fitness in that I exercise almost every day but I don't look like a personal trainer... I have exercise goals. But I also don't live at the gym and over analyze everything I eat. What are you really trying to say? ?
Feeling a little feisty today ?

By Remi7
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I'm into fitness.

Fitness whole pizza in my mouth.

Boi, BYE! ✌✌✌✌


I‘m about fitness pizza in my mouth

Perfect! ?


Definitely means no fat chicks. Ladies, just so you know, if you give up on dating:you can eat a whole pizza and dessert if you feel like it, no ones going to be nagging you about your weight or how your bum looks and no ones going to be cheating on you because they feel "you've let yourself go". I'm just saying, do we really need those sorts of negativity in our lives?

You do know that plenty of women won't date "fat guys", right?

@Piece2YourPuzzle you do know I don't care,right? For the record I prefer chubby dudes. I set my profile to "here for community"for multiple reasons, one of those being the fact that I was seeking to date obviously gives some guys the idea its ok for them to comment negatively on my body type. I was only kind of joking about walking away from the negativity of dating. No one makes it worth my while to deal with the abuse I get from total strangers and I know damn well I'm not the only one.

@Blindbird Whatever.


@metalicious1986 Gone learned from what? Lol

Some people here are being sexist and just thinking it's from a man's perspective. I guess that's how you think too lol


I think it could be one of two things, "No fat chick" or "I'm looking for a crossfit buddy". You needn't feel defensive. It's a personal preference thing that they can't help. If I come across a profile that says "prefer blond hair, blue eyes and a beard like a lumberjack" then I know I'm SOL with that one but luckily there are plenty of other fishes in the sea. That said, you should know that there are a ton of men who finds the chubby/curvy physique very attractive (like this one) smile001.gif

I don't feel defensive. I'm just realistic. I have been thin and fat, so I know the drill. No problem. if you don't like fat women, it is fine to be honest about it. Some men do think they are an Adonis, even when they are old, with a big belly, man boobs and are sweating and breathing hard if they walk to the mail box, but want a 20 something, thin, beautiful woman. I guess if they are rich enough, they may succeed, but, I think maybe they should be realistic too.

I was just feeling kind of snarky. My issue is when someone assumes I wouldn't go to the gym with them based solely on my appearance. I go to the gym. I just don't look like it.

Weight is a sensitive subject for many women. Saying you prefer blonde is NOT the same as no fat chicks.


It is saying, no fat chicks.


The intention behind that stipulation is only known to the writer. Years ago, when I was on a dating site, a small portion of my profile said I was looking for someone to get healthy and fit with me. My intention was to state that is what I wanted to focus on, and would like support with that, rather than be tempted into being a couch potato. What I got from that site was a couch potato who got fiercely jealous when I went to the gym or on a hike or bike ride, since he was more into watching TV most of the day, but we made it work for 8 years. (I gained 15 pounds during those 8 years and he was fine with that. I've since lost 10 of those pounds just in the 3 months since I broke up with him. Back to getting healthy and fit.)

On the flip side, someone on that same dating site had a stipulation that he only wanted to date "fit" women who exercise daily. Well, I'm not obese, but I'm not lean and bony either. I'm happy with my body and keep active enough to keep it to my own standards. He messaged me with interest, but I turned him down saying if fitness is his most important requirement, I felt that was pretty shallow and that I was not the girl for him. Years later, I still see this tired old guy, huffing and puffing as he runs the same path I bicycle daily... I sure look pretty good compared to him, and I doubt he ever found his "fit" woman!

I think sometimes people put things on their profile to counter their most recent bad relationship. For me, fitness in my partner is not a requirement, but it is a shared activity, fun to do together, supporting each other and as a way of life.

Julie808 Level 7 July 9, 2018

I work out a lot and there are plenty of fit women at the gym who developed well rounded booty, muscular legs and good shoulders. Definitely not skinny, but also sexy as hell. So, I would just talk about yourself and see if you’re compatible. If not, f$ck him move on. smile001.gif


I hear that. I can out work my 5 years younger strong field hand but would probably be called fat

btroje Level 9 July 8, 2018

For me exercising is so boring when you're doing it alone. If I were to put a reference to wanting someone that's into exercising it would be because I needed an inspiring friend that could get me off my ass. I'll walk run swim with anybody if they'll be patient with my slow pace at first.

Anonbene Level 8 July 9, 2018

Well personally, I would rather see, "looking for someone who is Into Fitness" as opposed to, "looking for someone who is in good shape." the first seems to imply that they would like a running walking/ jogging/ partner or the like. The second one is just too friggin picky?

SukiSue Level 8 July 9, 2018

I wouldn't say it's the PC way to say no fat chicks. I think it's just saying the person likes to exercise and would like the person they are searching for to be interested in that topic.

McWalsoft Level 6 July 8, 2018

If one is 'into' fitness it's going to be a big part of their life, and they might want an s/o that they can share that part of their life with.


I'm into fitness...


I'm INTO fitness, however my body is not. I was very active and enjoyed all sorts of sports, including weight lifting.

But I'm also fat. I was fat in high school, but I still did volleyball and basketball and out benched the boys.

And now my body thinks walking to the laundry room is exercise.

Either way, I see it as "I want someone with a six pack and a gym membership who enjoys rock climbing and hang-gliding"

And like, if I am in a relationship with a fit guy, I'm gonna want my personal space anyway. Go running, go to the gym, that will be your time and I'll have mine. smile001.gif


Some people like to be active some don't . I met someone who said she liked walking my idea of walking was a ten mile hike up a hill hers was a walk around the local park with a coffee . It caused problems and git boring pretty quick

Simon1 Level 7 July 9, 2018

"into fitness" means it's a priority in your life....and that you engage it some activity related to staying fit on a regular basis...for me that would mean at least 3-5 days of exercise/activity weekly. I would phrase mine more of "looking for someone who makes it a priority to stay fit"....which, to me, implies that they aren't a couch-potato and that they care about their fitness level and don't live on junk food.

People need to have the same activity level to be compatible, I think.
I can go hike 12-15 miles today, right now, without blinking an eye or having to think "can I do this?"
Everyone knows their fitness level....unfortunately, most people aren't honest about it.


I think it's about interests. I mean, can I refuse a woman who doesn't read books? Am I calling her dumb? I don't think so. People are different.

slowride Level 2 July 9, 2018

I think it is just part of a lifestyle...maybe one of health and fitness, cooking together, etc. A shared interest. Many people walk or do some sort of exercise daily but it does not mean they need to look like models or body builders...I think we need to give the person credit for wanting someone who cares about physical appearance but not necessarily in a bad way. So...yeah, it could be about being overweight, no fat chicks/guys...but wouldn't you want to know that right off the bat?

Yes, and I also think people shouldn't limit themselves either. Yeah, I don't look like a model, but I will go to the gym with you. Don't assume I don't because of my appearance.

@Remi I think judging a book by its cover really limits you in getting to know a whole lot of people. The inside of the book is always more interesting and fun. You can always take the outside of the book and pretty it up, but the insides will always be there. Yeah, I'd go to the gym with you...because it is obvious that you are open to others and have a good sense of self.


It can mean "no fat chicks " or it can mean I run or workout every day, don't accuse me of having sex with every woman at the gym or I pass on my run every day. If I read that on a profile, I would interpret as " there is a certain amount of time each day I devote to my health, and physical well being. Join me if you will, but don't fuck with the time I set aside for this."

Stevil Level 8 July 8, 2018

I would just ask them - it could be a number of things.

CharlesH Level 4 July 8, 2018

Yes. It means "no fat chicks." And even "no pleasingly plump chicks." I wish they'd just come out and say that, and be honest about what Shallow Hals they actually are.

Deb57 Level 8 July 11, 2018

Ask questions and feel out the answer. Some people are really into certain aspects of fitness, like free weight strength training for example. As in, it is something they believe everyone who is capable should do. Maybe they want to be with someone like-minded, the same way someone interested in politics would find someone who doesn't vote unappealing (maybe). Then again, some dudes just don't like fat chicks. And that's fine too. Either way, they're welcome to have that preference. Just ask and move on.

I'm not one for euphemisms or beating around the bush. Especially in the workplace where it's not helpful for getting shit done. But if someone says they're into fitness to be "nice," that's still noteworthy. Because they don't have to try to spare anyones feelings yet they chose to. If you think it's a thinly veiled attempt at sparing your feelings, and you simply don't like the answer, stop wasting your feelings. There is way more important shit in the world to be upset about.

recluse Level 4 July 11, 2018

Some people address fitness as a hobby so sometimes it is people who spend a ton of time at the gym and working out. The more you work out the more addicted you can get to it. Although, some folks probably use it to say "no fat chicks" too.


I believe you have amazing powers of observation.
For myself would not want to be with someone "into" fitness. I'm happy with being aware of ones self.

oldFloyd Level 7 July 9, 2018

It might literally mean what it says. I would look for photos of this person doing running events, etc. If there aren’t any pictures like that, then maybe it does. Personally, I have a rule that I don’t date anyone that outweighs me, but I don’t put that on my profile, I just don’t say anything back.

th3ranger Level 2 July 9, 2018

That's going to suck for you because on average, though out most of history women typically weigh more than men, at least after their 30s. Just like in nature the females tend to be bigger than males.

I'm not saying you can't have your preferences, not matter how unrealistic, but weight changes through time. If you married someone whom you loved more than anything and they ended up gaining weight as a natural part of aging, would you kick them to the curb?

WHAT??! The sexual dimorphism of our species is that males are larger than females. And most places in nature that's the way it is. Our closest relatives, other great apes, all share that same sexual dimorphism.

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