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What is men's obsession with breasts. I'd love to see a man carry these around until he has permanent shoulder straps or backaches from carrying them around 24/7

Boogey 8 July 9

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It’s a natural, instinctive response. And they look nice, feel nice, and ............ , er, well ...............

@Boogey Um, taste nice? Often willingly provide an exquisite alternative to penetration? Can sometimes provide an alternative route to a woman’s orgasm (true, this, albeit pretty rare - guess I got lucky). The well’s running dry now, but I know there’s more. ?


It's nature. Don't blame men.

@Boogey Becuse we’re programmed to. It’s not a free decision, it’s instinct. And size isn’t a general thing; some men like them big, some medium, some small, some barely there at all. And some don’t care, just that they exist. We’re hard-wired to be attracted to them.


Maybe you should lie down more often.


Millions of years of evolution has wired our brains to connect boobs with sex.

gater Level 7 July 9, 2018

Also boobs with nourishment, all kinds.

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