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Had a nice ride today. Who works out and what do you do?

Belrieve 5 July 9

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Fantastic! You're out doing it!


I swim, bicycle and walk. Curious what app is available that could track and measure bike rides and/or walking, hiking, running. I'd love to be able to see the mileage, calories burned, etc. I looked in my app store and didn't see anything like that.


I do virtual races...whatever cardio can be used towards miles to get real fun medals...I mostly walk/run. I lift weights and do yoga. I try to do fun active things as well like hiking on the many trails we have in our state...swimming in lakes...gardening...just staying active.

@Belrieve I can't wait to move to my new place...the community has four pools, including an indoor one...but the ocean is where I love to swim the most...I might also get a bike to tool around the area...I like that app of yours ... what is it?


Since age 21, I have hiked over 200 miles each year. In addition to hiking, I do weightlifting, running, yoga and deep stretching.

Stretch your arms, shoulders, legs, and back muscles, etc. Don't bounce. Hold the stretch for 20-ish seconds, and you will feel the muscles relax, enabling you to stretch deeper. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. []


I also cycle. I have a mountain bike and I have a stationery bike. I walk and occasionally hike. I have a resting heart rate at high forties.

@Belrieve my deep sleep heart rate was recently recorded at low 40s. The nurses were astounded. Had to explain that despite my age I do lots of regular cardio and have been at it for almost two and a half years.

@Belrieve well, they were worried something was wrong. But after checking, there wasn't. I have a clean bill of health happy to say.

@Belrieve not perfect, working on losing a few pounds, but my heart is good.


I ride about 400 miles a month. Most of the miles are on the road, but I get in a few on my mountain bike as well.

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