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Do you watch it?

American Ninja Warrior is on now! 8pm ET

The back stories are so inspirational. The athletes have overcome the toughest obstacles in life.

If an athlete is over 200 lbs and if they have oversize football like muscles odds are very high that they won't make it thru. Muscle is heavy. The lighter the better.

JohnINFP 7 July 9

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I love that show unfortunately I don't have regular TV so I'm going to have to miss it

Sometimes they rerun them

@JohnINFP I only have the Pluto and crackle apps on my TV and they don't offer them


Hah! I’m obsessed with ANW. I say one day, that is my goal. Don’t laugh.

You will be a KICK ASS NINJA!! I can't wait to see you on national tv kicking that courses ass!! Do a lot of rock climbing and gymnastics. Climbing, climbing, climbing. Balance, jumping, super finger strength.

@JohnINFP seriously though I’m terrified of heights and don’t like water much. LOL. But once life settles a bit I would at least try out some ninja course training offered in the city. Oh I don’t know about the name and costume. That would be way way in the future.

@JohnINFP I don’t have any scary creatures. None of my animals is scary. They are all beautiful and wonderful and lovable. And no way would I stress them out bringing them into a crowded place. People are scary. But I could go as Atheist or Heathen Ninja, or Vegan or Plant-based or Herbivore Ninja. I’d love to show off my big strong muscles developed on an entirely plant-based diet.

@graceylou Grace, I want to profoundly apologize to you. I should have never said ANYTHING to hurt you. I totally take responsible for what I typed in my comment to you. It was the most reprehensibly, ignorant things I've ever said to someone on here. Which is so crazy of me to hurt you of all people.  I never want to do that in the slightest.
You would never hurt a fly. You've always been very nice to me and I really appreciate that. I should never take that for granted. I have always really liked you and known how amazing you are in every way.

I know how you have the biggest heart and how much you absolutely love, care for and protect animals. You are so far ahead me of me on everything animals.

You totally live your beliefs. You are the best role model for everyone. I totally agree with you, that you don't have any scary creatures. They are SO, as you said to me, "all beautiful and wonderful and lovable".
It is my collosal ignorance and fear of snakes and tarantulas. I shouldn't have projected my fears onto your sweet animals.

This next sentence in no way excuses the awful things I said.
I just want to share this with you. You will see what is wrong with me. When I young, I was playing in a creek, I picked up a rock where there must have been 20 tiny baby black snakes. They were moving everywhere. I irrationally thought they were coming after me. I know now that they wouldn't have hurt a hair on my stupid head. I darted across the creek. I never ran so fast. I've never been scared. How ignorant is that?

I read what you have said and you have taught me an incredible lesson on how much I have have to learn about animals. You are educating me and everyone on how we should respect and understand animals.
And I for a long, I have wanted to be more like you. And I agree that you have big strong muscles.

@JohnINFP Oh no. I wasn't hurt. I'm not easily hurt John. I was just explaining. Don't take it too seriously. Although may be I'm just not good at talking to more sensitive people. I work with a new girl who would cry if you try to correct her on mistakes even in the kindest way possible. We just don't really know what to do. I wrote a very neutral note about something that we all need to make sure to be done correctly and addressed it to all staff, and I was told by the manager that I made this girl cry because she felt attacked by my note. Really, I tried to make it as neutral as possible and it can still be taken in a hard way by someone.

@JohnINFP And, you shouldn't want to be more like anyone else because you aren't anyone else. I did that personality test, and I'm pretty sure I'm the complete opposite of you. Sometimes it might be an attractive idea to want to be like someone who's the other end of the spectrum as you but then you would lose your individuality, the thing that makes you, you.

I just think I was in the wrong and wanted to say I'm sorry. You are great at talking to people. I know you were very kindly correcting and teaching me something : ) 

Your hypersensitive coworker's suffering and symptoms sound very serious, could be signs of severe depression, traumatic experience or something else. I hope someone will step in and help her get professional medical help right away for the longhaul til she's on her feet.

@graceylou I like my rare personality type and I don't want change it. : ) Took me a lot of work to figure it out. My effort would be in vain if I changed it.
I just would like to improve my level of knowledge and understanding of animals like you have, among other things. : )

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