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I'm tired of being punished, ostracised, or mistreated in one way or another because I don't buy into the magical ghost stories of religious delusion.
Have y'all been shamed, dumped, fired or otherwise crapped on because you have a functional bullshit filter? I'm sure we all have.
How did you get past it?

Jthurston2 6 July 10

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I was ''ghosted'' on a message board of about 20 women because I once used the term ''myth'' in reference to the ark. After was all downhill and nobody would respond to me. Took awhile to figure it out.


I work at a church for eight years. As soon as I told the pastor I was getting a divorce, he told me the church couldn't pay me more nor offer me benefits so I needed to find another job. I put in my notice and the board hired someone to take my place paying her three dollars an hour more. This was the church I grew up in, my church family.

I am SO SORRY that happened to you! How very JESUSISH of them!

@LucyLoohoo lol... it was a very long time ago. Thanks anyways. I'm so over it. Just proved my theory about organized religion being like a country club.


It is the same here in North Florida. If you don't believe in the mythical being, you made fun of, talked about, given the "so sad" look or downright snubbed. I've been here 15 years and still have no friends because I don't go to church.


It might do you good to go to an atheist convention. To be surrounded by thousands of like minded people can only do you good.


Here in the UK no one cares about other people’s religion, or lack of it, in general. Church going Christians are actually quite rare, although quite a few people profess Christianity. I have never been vilified by religious friends or acquaintances.

Yes, I have read in various articles that the UK can be considered now to be a secular place. Notionally there may be a large number of people there who are Christians but in reality they are not functionally religious. It's the same here in Australia too, and even Europe is thought of now as largely a secular continent. Religion remains an identity with a broad group or idea, but not a reality in practice. I do think that Christian intolerance and harassment of nonbelievers is a reality in some parts of the US, however. Various posters have written about this over the months. Sometimes their stories are quite shocking. The poster here might fall into that category as well.


Always remember that they are on the wrong side of history, but you are not. Knowledge of that has always sustained me.

I sometimes imagine myself walking around ancient Rome and saying "All these gods we have are bullshit, guys" and probably being stoned to death, but I'd be right wouldn't I. Who would stone me to death now for saying that? No one. Right side of history. I'll take it anytime.


Oh almost constantly. I have recently found out that a “reputation” I have is as someone who “doesn’t know god”- this being in spite of the fact that I generally keep my beliefs to myself, and never shame anyone for being a religious person. Women treat my lack of faith as a weakness/red flag, as if somehow the meriad of so called “Christian men” who treat them like garbage are automatically better choices than I am.


I have never been fired over it. That is illegal, after all. I have been called into the office by the head nurse and told I could not wear a piece of jewelry, because it was offensive to the other nurses. I wear a crescent moon with a spiral engraved on it. I pointed out to her that each and everyone of the nurses wore a cross, and that I have never complained about that, and that I had every right to wear my " amulet" that is related to my honoring nature and my atheism. No one had to look if they were so upset by it. I do my work, never cause trouble, come to work on time. That ended that discussion. I don't have an attitude that gets dumped on. I am happy, benevolent, honest, funny, and impossible to offend, so I rarely have a problem. If I do, I tell the pseudo injured party how it is, and walk away, putting It out of my mind. I haven't gotten by for 71 years by being upset and easily offended. A thick skin does wonders for the psyche.

GOOD FOR YOU! Glad it shut her up!


It's sad but like any persecuted minority I try to keep my mouth shut


I usually prefer to not tell people that I'm an athiest until I know them very well. Mostly because I got tired of people telling me something along the lines of "I just haven't had an experience yet". It's both annoying and dissapointing how people will ask about your religion and swear they won't judge, and then immediatly judge. Which ironically, judging people is supposed to be against their religion.


No, I never suffered any of those consequences. But, I also do not make an issue of myatheism. I don't "wear it on my sleeve."


I have been dumped for my atheism. It hurt at the time but I realise now that I dodged a bullet there.

Strabo Level 6 July 10, 2018

Systemically by my peer group, with help from the adults, from age 7 to age 16. After that people were too scared to make fun of me anymore because Columbine had just happened.


Been dumped, and subsequently divorced, partly due to my atheism.
I wouldn't overlook the hypocrisy of religion, even by my then-spouse, and
his family.
I also wouldn't sit quietly when anyone tried forcing it on me.
I'm pretty sure I've been fired for my atheism, but I couldn't "prove" it.
Shaming has been attempted, but has always failed.
Other than the divorce, getting past it was actually pretty easy. I got good
and pissed off about it, and got really damned defiant, and turned that shit back on all of them.
The divorce was another animal entirely.

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