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Given the anarchic destruction being wrought by Trump, it is time for all members appointed members of Trump's administration to resign if they have any moral character, any patriotism. Otherwise, history will judge them as being in the same class of German enablers of Nazism, communist fellow travelers, and all other apologists and enablers of corrupt and morally bankrupt regimes.

There are some in that administration who see themselves as acting as protective abstains against Trump's behavior, They need to realize that they are enabling and legitimizing Trump and damaging our country in acting in ANY post under Trump

wordywalt 8 July 11

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Having a moral compass is a disqualifier in the current regime.


The time to leave has passed for most of these folks, I'd think most if not all will never get another position of any worth. Crossing guard may even be a bit too hopeful...


Keep holding your breathe. Bad people don't see themselves as bad. They are in it for money and fame. We're just a speed hump.

We have to be a roadblock, not a speed bump. We can be if enough of our people act together.

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