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Today is not a good day for me. I started having flashbacks from my last relationship which was severely mentally and emotionally abusive. I know I don't need anybody but having someone who understands and is on my level would be very welcome right now.

OutcastVamp 4 July 12

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Re. "I know I don't need anybody, but..," that's certainly true as far as romantic relationship partners, but it's still awfully nice to have supportive friends. Online is better than nothing. Virtual hugs to you! Sometimes its helpful to remind ourselves that cruelty of others is about their shortcomings, not our own. Whatever this person dumped on you was reflecting THEIR insecurity and emotional damage.


There’s a lot of toxic stuff going on. I think there always was but nowadays there is no need to stay silent about it. I hope it’s some use to share with us strangers even though we can only guess what you’ve dealt with and try to empathise. I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Check the groups-there are some that you might relate to:



I would need to know more about you..


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