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Anyone else have much experience with narcissism? From what I hear, there's not much to be done about it.

Joanlee 3 July 12

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Thank you all for your comments. Unfortunately it’s a daughter-in-law, and she and my son and beautiful grandkids have been estranged for almost a year. I am heartbroken but I have done a lot of research and know there isn’t a lot I can do, and my family as I knew it is ruined. I will not let them treat me like a doormat, no matter how much I miss my kids. ? I don’t know why this is happening. Life is too short.


If you're curious how a narcissist would act, there are plenty of early morning tweets that typically originate from a bipedal Cheeto to use as a case study.


This is an interesting question. Do you mean yourself or someone else? If it is yourself and you admire yourself that much they why would you care what we think? If it is someone else then why this person self admiration is a concern for you? Bottom line, it seems there is more to the story here that you are not telling us.....


It is a brain deformity. Nothing can fix it.

JacarC Level 8 July 14, 2018

I have been a magnet for women with NPD. Starting with my mother. Consider myself an expert which is nothing to boast about actually. Professional advice from 1000s of Drs, if you remotely think you are in a relationship with someone who has NPD. run as fast as you can as far as you can leave no forwarding 411 and count your losses lucky if that you escaped at all! They can not be fixed! They are incapable of a serious relationship.If you need more 411 go to Melanie Tonia and she will save your soul. I used to live in Newport Washington. Wish i never would have returned to So Cal. Ever need some one sane to talk about this I am there for you!

Thank you


Poor narcissists. Will nobody love them bar their analysts?


Being such an incredible person, I would have no experience with it.


It’s a rare narc who gains enough insight to ever think THEY are the one with a problem. In general, it gets worse. Leave or go gray rock now. No Contact is the only thing that works.


Run, Joanlee, RUN!


"The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also concentrate on grandiose fantasies (e.g. their own success, beauty, brilliance) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment.

"These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships.

"People with narcissistic personality disorder believe they are superior or special, and often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way. This association enhances their self-esteem, which is typically quite fragile underneath the surface.

"Individuals with NPD seek excessive admiration and attention in order to know that others think highly of them. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat, and may be left feeling humiliated or empty when they experience an "injury" in the form of criticism or rejection. "



That's correct.
If you find yourself in such a relationship, dump him NOW.
If it's a relative, avoid them, give them NO attention unless they are behaving normally. If they act out, don't look at them or notice them, and leave the room as though you remembered something you have to do.

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