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How immensely satisfying is to find forgotten money in a jacket pocket

gugfd130184 3 July 13

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A few years ago I was hunting for a book to re-read. Found one on my basement bookshelf. Took it upstairs and found a $100 bill I'd used for a bookmark apparently! I still have zero recollection of putting that in there or using it for a bookmark. However, it was my book, and no one else in the family reads so I must have.
I was so surprised by this that I had to really scrutinize it to make sure it was even real. I was afraid to spend it thinking it was fake as it was the old kind.


If you can afford to forget money then you may not really need it......


I found this in the bottom of a tool box that I picked up for $10 at an estate sale, 1947 Sterling Silver Medal from one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious boys prep schools - melt value is around $10 but it is in mint condition and a little piece of Canadiana. The tool box was worth $10, the tools were worth double that but the silver medal was a real bonus. I'd be happy if I found a $20 in an old jacket but this was even better.


It also sometimes happens with handbags, We ladies usually have quite few and I’m sure I can’t be the first person to have found some bank notes inside a bag I haven’ t used in a while. It makes you feel like you’ve just won it somehow!

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