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I do custom artwork and I have people who ask me to do religious pieces every now and then. My attitude is like the saying, "Sex Sells." In this case, religion sells. Do you think the fact that I sell religious artwork that I'm perpetuating religion? What's your thought? In the photo is a blanket order I will be making soon of the hippy looking dude.

ConnieR 5 Jan 5

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Churches make money from the weak. Why not you?
You're a great artist!

Lol I totally agree with you there. They do make money from the weak. The weak has been keeping them in business for decades.


The more money these people are giving you, the less they're spending on anti-gay initiatives or so-called pro-life organizations. I don't really think you're perpetuating religion, because they're already devout and they're the ones coming to you.


Probably, but as long as you make good money, who cares! Lol... πŸ˜›


You are not your client. The choice of subject matter your client commissioned from you reflects your client's taste, not yours.

One interesting twist on this is how you advertise and hold out your business. Do you offer your services to the general public? If so, you just might be a "public accommodation" in which case you should be paying close attention to a certain Supreme Court case concerning a couple fellows who wanted a wedding cake and a Christian baker who said "Nope."



Don't ask me, I have no scruples. πŸ˜‰


business is business and nice to get money from these people


When Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel I wonder how he felt? I like the fact that he included a few lovely looking boys and even some of the females look male. But hey, if it's good enough for Michelangelo, it's good enough for you. He did it, and took the money from the religiots. Except that he probably would have got killed if they knew he was gay....


No different than someone asking to make them look younger, slimmer, or even better looking by removing blemishes. Work is work and fantasy is fantasy. I don't see a problem with it.

By the way, you are very talented. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

That's a really good question. I don't need to hash out both sides of it because you evidently already have and may be looking for validation of your decision hear. Perhaps not. Regardless...I personally do my own art, in a different medium [concrete] and would have a difficult time pouring crucifixes or such. I've tossed it around in my head also and have come to the conclusion that if it's a commission job that I may not really be crazy about, I would just charge enough for the job to make it worth my irritation. Granted, I am in the financial position to do so, so this strategy may not work for folks who need the work to pay the bills. The job will get done regardless of whether it's you or not. So you may as well make the money. Right. But now ...if you're not part of the solution...and all that. I can't really advise you to not take the work on principle or charge more. But that's what I can do in my position. For the record also, I'm a strong anti-religious post-theist. So I would probably take a stand with my price. I actively dislike religion and delusional thinking. If you are not as jaded as I , you may be able to do the work. Whew....!


I mean it’s money. If people are willing to pay you, go for it.


I can relate to this as both a gardener and an amateur chef. I consider myself to be a gardener and as such, I can help other people with their gardens even if they choose plants I don't like. My skill is in gardening, not choosing plants for people. Similarly, I'm an amateur chef. I can follow a recipe and cook a dish on request even if its not a dish I would choose for myself. I hope that helps.


Osteen can make a buck off these people, you can too! I always get a kick that their Jesus always looks like James Taylor.

Della Level 6 Jan 6, 2018

I sang and played violin for about 3 years at the church I was forced to attend. Came for the coercion; stayed for the community and the learning experience. I got tremendous fulfillment from contributing from my meager store of "talents", and the congregants were effusively grateful.

Performing "religious" music didn't bother me--music is music afa I'm concerned and when you're classically trained you quickly realize that the vast majority of historical music is religious anyway (certainly in the West and probably true of any culture). I didn't take communion or recite any prayers, and no one ever commented or questioned me about it.

Iinitially wrestled with guilt as I felt like an imposter, but that quickly faded away to acceptable levels when I saw how grateful the congregation was for my contributions.

i always worried that if they "found out" they'dturn on me and find a way to characterize me as evil--that was the source of my stress. Internally I felt no conflict:. I was providing a valuable service while immersed in an intimate setting for learning about something very important to people I love, and others I grew to love. I was far enough removed from the bitter lingering aftertaste of my marginally Catholic upbringing (finally!) that I was able to enjoy the experiences and look for meaning and wisdom in some of the teachings (others made me squirm and reminded me why I'm agnostic!).

I quit for totally unrelated reasons, and I'm not interested in going back. I prefer to spend my time on studying Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma and other things at present. All in all, I found it to be a very positive and enriching experience, albeit a somewhat uncomfortable one. I would not recommend it for everyone, and maybe not for anyone. I am a very odd bird.

As to your question, in my case, contribution made very little impact on the promotion or propagation of that little stream of Christianity, apart from brightening some folks' Sunday morning s. They were doing fine before me, and they're doing fine without me. I feel no guilt or shame--just grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn.

@stinkeye_a Mozart was an Atheist and Masonic sort of Illuminati. ....Ben Edward Ackerley author X-rated Bible was a organ/calliope genius performer in church after church paid handsomely in advance after auditioning job after job with impeccable references rarely vetted AND OPENLY gay man in all those big cavernous cathedral sort of congregations. ....most often fired with full pay or not offered an extended contract. ....I am happy to sing in Unitarian Universalists congregations especially re-worded hymns denuded of exclusivity for the purpose of pluralism if not hUUmanism. ....thousands of churches are election polling stations and accordingly I campaigned in advance of election days running for office....courts refused us "standing" to suit forcing polls to secular locations. ....prices we pay for a defacto theocracy semi-dejure republic


You are not perpetuating religion. You are simply compromising your own sense of morality in favour of the mighty dollar (and seeking the validation of others for doing so on the basis of "sure it's only the religious i'm fooling". I personally can't give you that validation. The fact that you need it should answer your own question).

That's a little harsh.

If you had a business and needed a company vehicle with a custom paint job and you took it to a reputable shop that specializes in custom paint jobs, would it be okay with you if they refused because they didn't like your business?

Someone asks a question. I give an answer. People are free to only consider the answers that validate their own position. The questioner suggested a level of discomfort with their own decision and invited opinions from others, only to berate those who did not give the preferred answer. A strange way to debate methinks ????

@Betty harsh is an understatement when we Atheists here are still a hated minority needing our mutual support. ...pseudo-moralists are unethical here. ....I am proud of our violinist and glad she vented her catholocism and job feelings thereafter

@SimonCyrene this is no debate here....yethinks ye are itching for a fight dosing out the first beratements. ...boost not battle Atheists here on their paths through theocracy


No one is saying you don't have a right to your opinion but they do have a right to disagree.

Considering another perspective may help to broaden your perspective. So here is something to consider.

When a person doesn't believe in a deity then creating a picture of one then becomes a fantasy project like putting butterfly wings on a picture of a child in a fantasy forest with elves and gnomes.

Would that be something you would consider as reasonable?

I have already indicated that others can disagree with my opinion. I have not attacked anyone for having a different opinion from me nor indeed have i attempted to categorize people i do not know. The suggestion i am itching for a fight by giving an opinion is not only passive/agressive on behalf of that particular commentator but also suggests a much greater level of interest in this particular subject than i could ever hope to generate ????.


Nope, not at all. There will always be people who need the crutch regardless if you make a few dollars off of their delusions. Pastors and priests have been making money off of people's stupidity for centuries. So go make your money.

I think if it was me I'd feel a bit of a hypocrite, but I could probably swallow that and take the money.


The artist should never be censored by self or others.

The free artistic expression is different than custom work. There are some very talented tattoo artists that do custom work. When a client asks for and pays for a custom piece of their choosing, the artist gives them what they want.


To me, my art is my expression, so i can't really write anything that i don't agree with.

It depends on what someone takes their art for- a skill or expression.


The objective is to stay employed not to push an agenda. What you're doing is not illegal, immoral, or breaking any laws, I'd say go for it. If it keeps you up at night then that was a bad choice, but hell, it pays the bills.


If you were selling swastikas I would probably say you are contributing to the perpetuation of Nazism, so yes, you probably are in some small measure, but you could do a lot worse!

skado Level 9 Jan 6, 2018

If you wanted a custom paint job on your vehicle and you brought it to a shop that does custom work and you had a rendering of what you wanted it to look like. Would you expect to be satisfied or would you accept their artistic expression if it were very different than what you asked for?

@betpaq I guess it would depend on whose rendition I liked better. Why?


Because a business the caters to a customers request will lose its reputation for customer satisfaction. Would you pay for something that didn't represent what you asked for? What if they changed your logo, company colors, or style of font?

@betpaq To the extent I understand, I guess you're right.


If you create something and enjoy doing so, the topic doesn't matter.


When I had a metal casting machine(I used make partial dentures and stuff) I would make jewelry and stuff. People would ask me to cast crosses islamic stuff even swastika's . It paid well even though I thought they were silly but hey what the hell!


The legalists define public accommodations by category: housing, employment, store front services, products for sale, whether you live on site or use bait&switch tactics FAIR TRADE PRACTICES. ... CHURCHES most often exempt from regulating it's membership/employees BUT NOT IF THEY ARE renting space offering secular business. short the blond with a thorns head band is selling Pinocchio as if a real RentaBabe/boy. you are selling wedding cakes personally NOT STOCK decorated. ...finest point of law over our away home made cookies on Halloween is merely a matter of conscience. ....I would never do it....I greatly respect Willem Dafoe and Martin Scorsese LAST TEMPTATION OF xist. And Barbara Hershey playing the tattooed nude prostitute. I played Eichmann in GOOD on stage. ...more evil than Hitler or Pol Pot. I would never add to the fiction of religion but would perform real historic character. ....the alleged baby god Jesua Nasoret Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes = Pinocchio pure fiction never happened on the fake back dated wrong year calendar


Can you hide something atheistic in it? πŸ˜‰ Like the satanic messages, you can find if you play a record backwards...

@ConnieR this fact illustrates pseudo-Atheism weaponizing alleged bad gawds against alleged good gotts in any language.'s NOT FUNNY only petty revenge @ best for people harmed by faiths

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