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I've left the sidelines and am activily participating in registering new voters in historically low voter turnout districts of Utica, NY. I'm volunteering with Citizen Action of New York and Indivisible Mohawk Valley. Goal is to defeat US Representative Claudia Tenney 🌈 and elect our Representative to New York Assembly Anthony Brindisi 🍸.

Zk7Tiger 4 July 13

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Positive action is the only thing that can change the political landscape. Well done!


Good for you and good luck.


Oh great work. Those non-voters out there are sorely needed. 😀


Way to go!
Go All and do likewise...and if you cannot, for whatever reason, here are 3 simple things you can do Today:

  1. Put your "representatives" contact info into your phone, so it is quick & easy to voice your opinion2. Donate to the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law, MoveOn, or other resistance group.
  2. VOTE! Not voting means you like & endorse the current climate, it is not some kind of "protest", it is acquiescence!

Thank you!


YAY for you!!


Thank you, as we need all the votes we can get!


Congratulations, you are inspiring people by doing the right thing!


That is FANTASTIC!!!!
Good on ya!!!!

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