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Pudding shots

They sneak up on you.

What's your favorite drink?

Jlangston70 7 July 13

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Vodka martini.


Bourbon, Scotch, or a whiskey flavored whiskey drink with whiskey in it. No ice unless its over 80 out. moonshine and tequila on occasion. If its hot enough that i need ice/mixers maybe a gin n tonic/juice, a screwdriver, or for big lebowski movie nights I make a mean white russian.


Bourbon or golden rum, over ice. Cognac, neat. Ideally with a cigar.

Never, ever mixed drinks or fruity foo-foo. I drink like a man.


Good bourbon. Neat.

There is bad bourbon?

@Mitch07102 Good point. Perhaps I should change my answer to ...Bourbon. Neat.


Gin and Tonic in the summer and a single malt Scotch Whisky in the winter. Lots of new gins on the market now, very fashionable. I still prefer the original combo I started with years ago.....Gordon ‘s and Schweppes over ice and with a twist of lemon! Ah...cheers! ?


Either pure, fresh crushed grape juice … or as dark, thick and creamy a beer as I can afford..

Varn Level 8 July 14, 2018

Coke, seltzer, water, pina colada, coors lite

jab60 Level 6 July 14, 2018

Old Fashioned.


Water and beer, not necessarily in that order !


Margarita, made with Patron silver, fresh lime juice (no mixer!) Grand Marnier, on the rocks with salt. Sometimes I like 'em made with pink grapefruit juice.

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