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I love the term Flattards for people who believe in a flat earth. They have submerged their brains in this drivel so deeply it's now well nigh impossible for them to admit they're so totally wrong. This is not just blatant ignorance. There is something more deeper going on within their docile brains. It's called Religious fundamentalism. It goes like this. The Holy Bible is the inerrant true 'word of God' In this collection of ancient writings is an image of the world about us that has now been totally discredited by modern science. This they cannot deal with, so as modern science contradicts every thing that this Biblical world view tells us , it is science that is incorrect. It doesn't matter if it's Christian , Islamic or Judaic fundamentalism. it's totally 'brain dead' ignorant. This isn't really a very original posting. But it's what I just type into a Utube video made in Australia demonstrating mathematically how the earth is spherical. I'm now await the idiotic responses. The Utube video is titled Testing Flattards-Part 1 Utube

By Skyfacer7
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Many of the flat earthers seem to want to deny scientific evidence out of hand and instead rely on one’s senses. So, I decided to do just that to illustrate just how ridiculous this flat earth notion is.

I have the luxury of living on the most easterly point in North America at St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

A few weeks ago on a crystal clear day I drove to Cabot Tower on Signal Hill. Cabot tower has an elevation of approximately 472 feet so needless to say the view of the expanse of ocean stretching to Europe is breathtaking.

One of the first things that will strike you is that if you look at the northern horizon, then the horizon directly in front of you and then the southern horizon you will clearly see they are not in a straight line. In fact it almost feels like you are standing in the middle of a giant earth sized hula hoop.

I also took one picture of the horizon and opened it in paint shop to see if I could place a straight line on cannot, it is curved and there is a gap no matter how you place the line.

To illustrate further, signal hill has a walkway that decends almost to sea level and goes around the hill. I descended those steps and you can notice that you can’t see as much of the horizon on a lower altitude.

So, no math or “theory” here... just pure senses. Why don’t you come and see for yourselves and abandon this ridiculous, laughable notion of the earth being flat.


Isn't the idea of dwelling on a flying cosmic pancake appealing? Maybe the sun and the moon are flat too, like shiny gold and silver coins that flit across the skies so we can say "Oooh! Wasn't that nice of the magical one out in the ether to keep us entertained like this?"

Karen916 Level 6 Jan 8, 2018

They should go to the edge and jump off


like religitards


What insult to GALILEO!!!!!!

DUCHESSA Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

The curvature of a sphere about the size of the earth only differs from flat by 0.000126 per mile. So they're not wrong all that much. They're wrong socially more than scientifically. Lol.

Read Asimov's The Relativity of Wrong. It's not like the earth is a sphere either. Ha, ha.


RichCC Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

My dad was navy. He said you can see the curve of the earth at sea.

@BenPike you can see it for yourself if you live near a very large body of water like an ocean or one of the Great Lakes. Especially if you watch a ship sailing away from you, through binoculars, you'll see the hull disappear before the mast, which proves that the surface of the sea is not flat, but it follows the curvature of the Earth.


I think there's a strong argument that these people are conspiracy fanatics first and Flat Earthers second. I think there needs to be a certain mind-set where these people have zero trust. I think they also revel in arguing their points. It may be a form of egocentricity. They know they're a minority and they love it.

MrLizard Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

I kid you not, up until about six months ago, I more or less thought "Flat Earthers" were a tiny group of morons essentially carrying on a hoax or an urban legend. I just never gave it any serious thought because it didn't occur to me that people could be so stupid, brainwashed and willfully blind.

BlueWave Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

Don't worry, I thought the same thing till I started hearing about b.o.b and his satellite. I am utterly astonded that there are quite a lot of people who agree with this bullshit.


The earth is not flat and I can prove it. Cats. Cats would have pushed everything and everyone over the edge already.

Excellent! This should surely be enough to convince any flattard who has ever been owned by a cat.


I love that term, "flattards"....just tells the entire story,


I grew up in public school. They taught us the Earth is spherical.


I heard recently that a Flattard was asked what shape Mars was and he said it was round lol. So all the planets are round except Earth? Ooookaaaayyy!



Not sure if it was real or photoshopped, but my favorite is when one of their leaders posted "Come Join the Flat Earth Society, we have members all around the globe."

Keyword: globe


I'll let this do the arguing for me.

Yes. Kyrie Irving is a symptom of what is known as the 'Dumbing Down of America' It's very sad.


I thought they were called Flat Earthers. Shows you how much I know. Perhaps they're right. One day I'll be jogging and fall of the edge. smile001.gif


I oppose using any versions of "retard" as an insult for the obvious reasons.

I don't know, I use the word conspiratard for conspiracy theories. It's combining the words conspiracy and retarded. I use it in reference to crazy Alex Jones conspiracies. Am I wrong for using it?

Hi Sirbikesalot. No , I personally don't think it's wrong at all. In fact , as concerning Alex Jones. it's very appropriate. Although for some I suppose the use of the word retard and various combination of other words with it would by politically incorrect.

I admit I am a tad "politically correct." Okay, I'm really really PC. And, I confess, I am torn on this one.

My understanding - without turning to Google -- is that the word was wrongly used for a very long time (decades? centuries?) to pejoratively describe humans with medical conditions of the neurological and/or mental type. So, as we become educated, we begin to refer to conditions by their actual names. I get that and I am 100% on board.

Where I get conflicted is that retarded is also a valid word with valid meaning. Usually -- in my brain -- again, without Google -- it means the growth or development of something was stunted/stopped. The something could be a plant - a fruit, vegetable, etc. When a human displays stunted class, decorum, integrity, and intelligence via willful ignorance (as opposed to having a bona fide medical condition), is it still wrong / bad / and un-PC to say that he or she is retarded?

Or, is it that because of the history of the word -- being used pejoratively about other humans for so long -- it is simply wrong / un-PC to use at all?

If that is the case, is there ever a context in which the word could be used?

I'm genuinely curios and seeking to make a decision about whether I will use the word going forward.


Then there is the oft used word 'dumb' which nowadays is used for someone stupid. I think it's an 'Americanism' misuse of the word. It actually means someone who cannot speak as in deaf & dumb. They were considered stupid because as they were deaf it was very difficult to hear themselves speak eventually developing into a speech impairment. Therefore the word 'dumb' should also be on the PC list of words not to be used incorrectly.

@Skyfacer I actually thought you were combining Flat and Dullard.

Hi Ben and Evestrat. I understand what you are saying but consider this. The word dumb actual does not mean stupid. It simply means that a person cannot speak. This is mostly caused by that same person being profoundly deaf. If you can't hear yourself talking then you usually end up unable to talk except to make odd sounds when they try to. Hence the term Deaf and Dumb. So to call someone dumb because they're stupid is an insult to deaf and dumb people. I think the misuse of this word is an example of "Americanism'

@Skyfacer Neither of us said anything about that word.

@benpike @evestrat Noted to self. Will refile the data and put the word away. Thanks for responses.

@evestrat I mentioned the word 'dumb' as it is another word like 'retard' that can be used politically incorrectly.
And how about this. When pilots of commercial aircraft and other large aircraft make contact with the runway whilst landing an automatic voice sounds out "RETARD" "RETARD"
It means to immediately cut the power to the engines.

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