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So exactly much did Don the Con lie in Montana?

kmdskit3 8 July 15

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I want a button I can press , to immediately and permanently remove ALL Trump related posts . Never want to see anything about him again .

Sorry sugar, until he is in jail or dead, or at least out of politics I'm going to post about him, and apparently so are many others. Sticking your head in the sand may be comforting, but it allows the wrong to be perpetuated. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

@HippieChick58 read and/or talking about him , has accomplished nothing , beyond making me angry . I'm tired of being mad .

@Cast1es I would say it has not accomplished much YET. I see changes, they are slow but they are still there. I have hope. But I understand, we all need a break from reality. Take some time off of social media, turn off the TV and radio. Go out in the woods or the beach and commune with nature. Or turn your anger into action and get involved, work for a candidate or do some good somewhere.

@HippieChick58 I truly wish I actually believed our voting system did indeed reflect the will of the people . Remember Bush , and the Florida votes - hanging bits of paper to count or not to count ? Do you remember voting machines that switch who the voter voted for ? The electorial college , where they don't actually have to vote for the candidate the voters voted for ?

@Cast1es I do, hanging chad and all. But we can't just turn our backs.


Basically when his lips move he is lying.


Doesn't matter where he is or what he is doing... he will lie a lot no matter where he is.

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